Month: March 2013


Happy Easter everyone.

I’ve just had my mad hour.
Bed is made.
Room is tidy.
Window is open for some fresh air.
Bath has been tackled and beaten.
I even styled my hair for the first time since Wednesday.
That’s it. That’s my day in a nutshell.

Back to my movies.
Yesterday I watched ‘The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons”
I love these movies. They fly in the face of religious belief and really actually make you think about a few things.
Would it really actually be that bad if there ‘was’ a living descendent of Jesus.
What if Mary Magdelene ‘was’ the wife of Jesus?
Would the fact that Jesus was only Human really matter? Honestly?!

Personally I think I would be more open to religion if people just relaxed about it a little.
I have never been overly religious.
Yes I got married in a church and all three of my kids were baptised in the same church but that was a celebration of life more than a celebration of my religious beliefs.
The last 20 years has seen me become quite ‘anti’ religion.
And that is ‘all’ religion and not just my own.

It doesn’t matter where you look in life, most of the conflicts and problems you see in the news are all caused by religion and peoples lack of tolerance for other peoples wishes and beliefs.
If everyone were to wake up tomorrow and think really hard about it, actually think that it doesn’t matter if my neighbour doesn’t believe in what I believe in, we can still be friends then maybe the world would be a happier place.
The money spent on conflict could actually be put to better use in improving the lives of people that need it and then everyone, regardless of the god they believe in, would actually be more fulfilled in their own lives.

Would I get married in a church again? No
Would I have my kids baptised again? No
Does this make me a bad person? No
Until people stop arguing about religion I am not going to follow a religion. It’s pointless.
I am just going to continue, loving my family, working hard and being a good person. Who needs religion.

So, to change the opening sentence of this blog……
Happy chocolate day!!


Post op day 3 and I’m already going stir crazy.
I just don’t know what to do with myself.

I am at the mercy of the kids this weekend because Ian is working.
Mum should be round in a while and I’ll get her to cook the chicken for the curry tonight.

I ache all over.
My shoulders are killing me and I’ve pulled a muscle in my right hip.
Being non weight bearing on the left foot puts a lot of strain everywhere else.
I actually can’t wait until my follow up on the 11th April when I will be getting the stitches out and a full cast put on that I can walk on.
I think things will be a lot easier when I can actually put wait on my foot.
At least getting up and down stairs should be a bit easier so I will be able to get downstairs and back into my own domain.


I was up ridiculously early this morning.
I was Candy Crushing at 04:30!!
Anyway, my foot was actually hurting for the first time which is probably what woke me up.
Took some pain relief and finally popped back off to sleep for a couple of hours.

I’ve taken it really easy this morning, which is all I really can do at the moment.
I actually tackled the bath.
I tried my Limbo swim sock which worked a treat and actually manoeuvring around and getting a thorough wash was a lot easier than I was expecting it to be.

I have been finding muscles I didn’t know existed.
My hip and my knee are aching from having to hold my foot off the floor but the worst part is my shoulders and across my chest!!
My muscles are really aching!
I could look like Arnold Shwarzenegger when this is all over.


OK, now comes the boring bit.
After a disastrous attempt at getting up the stairs it was decided that I will take over Ian’s domain in the bedroom for two weeks.
I have everything up here except a Bluray player. Not that that’s a problem as I still have over 900 DVD’s to choose from!

Had a great nights sleep. No pain at all.
I have been really surprised. Apart from the pain relief I was given in theatre I have had no need for pain relief at all!

Murron and Marjorie have both made it to school but Dharma is on her third day off.
She’s not well at all! Looks like tonsillitis but so far I can’t see any pustules. She’s hitting temps of over 39! she not drinking because it hurts too much. So Ian is popping her off to the Dr’s this morning. I’ve told him to see if he can get some Difflam spray to help her with the drinking otherwise I can see her taking a trip to hospital!
That could cause us some problems at this precise moment in time because there is no way I can make it to the hospital without killing myself on these bloody crutches.

Not getting on with these crutches at all!!
I envy all the kids I see on the ward who go home on crutches. They zip off like they’ve been doing it all their lives.
Me however, can barely make it to the loo without killing myself.
Roll on April 11th when I will be getting a full plaster that I can walk on.
Until then I am on a forced house arrest. But I can do everything up here that I would be doing downstairs so why struggle with stairs If I don’t need to.

Not going to have much to blog about for a couple of weeks.
May start film reviewing again.
I’ll keep you posted.


Got home a couple of hours ago.
So far I have absolutely no pain.
Felt a little ‘off’ until I had some dinner and now feel much better.
However, after a really disastrous attempt at getting up the stairs I have decided to base myself up here until I can weight bare in a couple of weeks.
I have everything I need.
A bathroom across the landing.
A TV and DVD player in the bedroom. Only downside to that one is no Bluray!! and most of my Karl Urban films are Bluray!!

I also have Ian’s computer setup so I can access all my own stuff.
Plenty of space to move around without having to get back downstairs in a hurry.
Plenty of bodies around to get me drinks and food when I need it.

I have pain killers at the ready just in case but so far, so good.

The day actually went a lot more smoothly and yes I will also say pleasantly than I really expected it to.
Although eating that sandwich at lunchtime was like trying to swallow sawdust!

Anyway, going to settle down in bed and watch some TV but I think I will probably be asleep pretty quickly.
Night Y’all.


Operation done.
Been back on the ward now for just over an hour. Feeling very comfortable but a little drowsy.
Been told I’m going to be here until at least 4-5 pm so I’ve sent Ian home. Made sure he left me his tablet so i might watch a movie. Gonna be a long afternoon.