General diary entries


It’s not often I say it but….
Thank goodness that weekend is over with.
It was unusually quiet on the ward all weekend which made the days just drag by.

Anyway, kids are back at school tomorrow…. well at least two of them are.
I don’t think Murron will be going as she has developed a nasty cold. The mood she’s in she’s liable to kill someone and knowing our luck it will be a teacher!!
Trouble is I think I’m coming down with the same cold. My nose is a bit runny and my throat feels funny and I’ve developed a bit of a cough today.
I’m hoping it’s just a simple cold and all will be well by next weekend.
What I don’t need is a full on chest infection that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. Not when I’m just three weeks away from surgery.

Anyway, home now and time to chill a bit.

Categories: General diary entries

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