Month: February 2013


Feeling a bit frazzled tonight.
Was having a great day until around 5pm and then things took a bit of a turn.
As always, managed to get through it and then I actually remembered to pick up Murron and Dharma from their St Johns meeting on the way home.
I know that sounds a bit odd but I have made it all the way home before on a Thursday evening before realising I’d forgotten the kids!!

Anyway, just enjoyed a lovely home made curry and now I’m heading off to bed with a beer. (Bit naughty!!)
Got to be up early in the morning to do it all over again.

77 days until Star Trek Into Darkness!!

Q 01

Oh lighten up Picard!!


Ian finished nights this morning and decided to stay up.
We had a leisurely morning and did the shopping for the next few days.
Dharma had netball after school until 16:30 and was going to Nan’s afterwards.
We decided that as it was Wednesday we would take a trip to the cinema with our Orange Wednesday BOGOF codes.
We wanted to see Hansel and Gretel.
Mum agreed to keep Dharma for a few hours because she didn’t want to go and see it.

So, after checking the Cineworld website we arrived at the cinema.
As Ian was already flagging he didn’t want to stress his eyes out with a 3D version so we wanted to see the 2D version.
We were told that they weren’t showing a 2D version tonight!! Even though the website clearly stated they were.
As we hadn’t got our 3D glasses with us, we weren’t prepared to pay for new glasses or even the 3D premium so we headed home.

What a total waste of time and a complete disappointment because this is one of the films this year I really want to see!!
The blonde bimbo behind the counter was lucky she didn’t get a slap after the dirty look she gave me when I told her that their website was crap.

I have checked the website since getting home and at no point does it state that the showings tonight and tomorrow night are preview only shows and are 3D only.
Apparantly, according to the bimbo, the 2D showings don’t start until Friday when the film officially opens.
Doesn’t change the fact that we still didn’t get to see it tonight.

hansel and gretel

Yes Jeremy, that’s exactly how I felt!!


It was payday yesterday.
All bills are paid or accounted for when they do need paying.
All future bills pots are paid.
Unless something goes wrong over the next few weeks me and Ian are actually going to be able to go out for dinner and a movie on Ian’s birthday and we are also going to be able to take the kids out on a separate occasion.
I’m even treating the kids to a chippy night tonight!
Yes we live the high life!

We’ve had a think and have come to the conclusion that now that we have a driveway we are going to SORN Ian’s car off the road for a few months after my surgery as I won’t be able to drive.
He’s going to keep my car running. We should save at least the cost of my petrol each month which is around £80 and a little bit on the tax on Ian’s car.

We’re quite lucky now we only have to cross the road to get access to money, fresh bread and a small market for the basics.
If I need something while Ian is at work I can literally send the kids (or Mum) over the road to get it.
When I’m a little more mobile I could manage that distance myself on crutches!

Right back to today.
Got to go and do a bit of a top up shop for the house and then I’m going to chill a bit.
I’ve got 2 long days at work after today and then I actually have 4 days off!!
I’m seriously thinking about having a root round the gardens to see what we’ve actually got at this new place and to have a tidy up.
I’ve already spotted a few Buddlea shrubs in need of a major cut back to try and thicken them up a bit and I have no idea what the soil is like.
What I can definitely say is that there is no 13 foot high and 60 foot long hedge to keep under control!!! Bonus!


Having a rotten cold and being in pain ‘all’ the time is really draining.
My head really isn’t where it should be at work at the moment.
The thought of the fast looming surgery is not helping.
I’m having my pre-assessment next week, just hope I can shake this cough by then.

I’ve been in now for over an hour and I’m only just getting an appetite for dinner and I haven’t eaten all day!
So now that I’ve screamed the kids into bed and unwound myself again I’m going to chill with some beer and some baby back ribs.
Actually quite looking forward to them.

Get this….

Only 79 days until Star Trek Into Darkness!!!

Where are the tribbles!


OK, I appear to have a bit of a cold.
My nose has turned into a tap and I have a healthy cough and a bad head.
Murron is still tucked up in bed with the same thing.
Marjorie and Dharma both went back to school without a hitch and Ian is ‘trying’ to have a lay in because he’s going onto nights tonight.

I say ‘trying’ because the plumber turned up again unexpectedly today.
He couldn’t finish what he needed to the other day after discovering a small hidden problem that needs to be rectified.
However, that small problem requires some very noisy drilling into the wall!!
Not doing my head any good and has just woken Ian up.

Actually looking forward to Friday this week.
My shifts have fallen really well this week and next and it means I actually get Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues off!! Can’t wait.
Probably going to need it to put my feet up and try to get rid of this bloody cold!


It’s not often I say it but….
Thank goodness that weekend is over with.
It was unusually quiet on the ward all weekend which made the days just drag by.

Anyway, kids are back at school tomorrow…. well at least two of them are.
I don’t think Murron will be going as she has developed a nasty cold. The mood she’s in she’s liable to kill someone and knowing our luck it will be a teacher!!
Trouble is I think I’m coming down with the same cold. My nose is a bit runny and my throat feels funny and I’ve developed a bit of a cough today.
I’m hoping it’s just a simple cold and all will be well by next weekend.
What I don’t need is a full on chest infection that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. Not when I’m just three weeks away from surgery.

Anyway, home now and time to chill a bit.