Dish of the Weeks

DISH OF THE WEEK #36 – Is it really a surprise?! – KARL URBAN

It’s official, I’m obsessed and turning into a stalker.

Only one other person has ever made it to two entries on my Dish of the Weeks and that was Henry Cavill who will probably get another mention at some point in the not too distant future when Man of Steel is released!

However, I have never been quite so ‘obsessed’ with anyone as I am with Karl Urban.
I’m 43 years old, happily married, have 3 kids, a good job at the local hospital, and yet here I am acting like a school girl with a crush on her first boy band!

Mid life crisis much!!

I can’t explain it. Something clicked a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get enough of him ever since.
I decided to put this blog together to try and get it all out of my system….. at least a little bit.
Putting it together I’ve realised it’s not going to be that easy!
I’m trawling the net to look for images and I’m getting side tracked….. ALL THE TIME!!
Tumblr is fast becoming my favourite hang around on the net. So much so I’m considering signing up and giving it a go myself.
Occasionally I’ll end up on Youtube finding little bits of info. Loads of interviews, short movies and old adverts that he appeared in early in his career and convention panels!!
God I miss going to conventions.

So here goes…….

He does cute and puppy dog….. my favourite!

He does greasy and smelly……… eewww, not a good look!

He does driven to insanity…..

He does alien religious fanatic….. call me strange but this look really pushes my buttons.

He does Russian assassin…… Jason Bourne’s best adversary.

He does hero….. everybody loves Eomer and Eomer loves his Sister. aaaah.

He does tough as nails soldier with a heart of gold….. again with the Sister!!

He does Roman…….

He does CIA agent…..

He does a little bondage!! (Get you mind out of the gutter Shelly!!)

He does sexy vampire……

He does Native American…….. (well, abandoned viking child adopted by Native Americans to be exact)….

He does films we will probably never see!!! (Black Water Transit – locked in a legal dispute since 2009) God he looks great in this!! The meaning of frustration is the thought that I will never get to see this film!

He does suits…..

He ‘channels’ DeForrest Kelly as Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy in Star Trek…..

He is ‘The Law’!!…..

and simply because…….
He is who he is…..

A Nerd and let’s face it…. Mary Poppins!!! Practically Perfect in Every Way!!
Honestly, you’d think the sun shines out of his arse in my house at the moment. It’s rediculous.

So that’s it.
I am all ‘gushed’ out.
At least for the next 48 hours because I’m working…… booo!

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