Month: November 2012


I decided to put the Xmas tree up yesterday afternoon.
It’s looking good if a little big!
I normally put a space saving tree up that is literally a half tree that can be pushed flat against a wall or made to sit snugly in a corner.
However, I decided to get my large full tree out for a change but it’s a little bit bigger than I remember.

Xmas tree 2012
As I am fairly housebound today and all the kids are at school and Ian is at work, I have decided that today is the day to get my sausage rolls cooked and bagged and in the freezer before they all get home and decide to demolish them!
I will probably get the outside lights up as well so they are all ready to switch on tomorrow.

Money is getting very tight now.
I have utilised every penny available and the budget has been very tight but is still on track.
It’s just a bit depressing when you look at the account and realise that we no longer have any kind of buffer for things going wrong!!

Well, I’ve sat here long enough this morning. Time to get showered and get some work done.

Oh yes!
It’s now only 45 days until Dredd 3D on Blu Ray and 168 days until Star Trek in the cinema!!
Cupid YES!



Christmas is coming up fast!!
I am on my usual two weeks off work to prepare for it. Not back until Dec 12th.
Not doing too bad at the moment.
I’ve just sliced my gammon and popped it into the freezer.
I have sausage rolls to make next although I’ll probably do them tomorrow because I currently don’t have a car so I won’t be able to go anywhere.
Ian’s car is a non runner at the moment after he broke the key in the ignition!! Just what we didn’t need right before Xmas. So he is using my car for the next two days.
He’s ordered a replacement ignition but it won’t arrive until today or tomorrow and he’s working today and tomorrow.

I’m not doing too bad with the rest of the Xmas shopping.
Just a few bits and pieces to think about and then I’ve got to do all the wrapping.

The Xmas tree is going up tomorrow night so today is going to be spent having a good clean up to prepare for it.
Unfortunately I have to take a walk to the shops first to get some rice for dinner tonight. It’s curry night and I forgot the rice again!!
Oh well, it will give me a chance to get some new indoor and outdoor lights.
My old red cherries have finally packed in. They haven’t done too bad though, they’ve been up every year for the last ten years and they were second hand when we got them!

I had my post MRI follow up with my Orthopaedic Consultant on Tuesday and it has now been confirmed that I am definitely going to be having surgery at some point early in the new year.
I need to have a large boney spur at the base of my Achilles tendon removed and an area of bursitis cleaned out. Great.
So I will be in plaster for six weeks followed by physio for as long as needed.

My only worry at the moment is the little fatty lump I have on my left shoulder (just under my bra strap!!)
It has decided to flare up so I am currently on a course of Flucloxacillin but it doesn’t appear to be working.
I had one of these little lumps for years on my chest, roughly where my chin touches when I dropped my head. It decided to flare up quickly and dramatically for no reason one day and grew to the size of a golf ball. I ended up on antibiotics then and when it had cleared I had the little lump removed.
The one on my shoulder only appeared a couple of weeks ago but started to become tender on Monday so I went to the walk in centre who put me on the antibiotics.
It doesn’t appear to be getting any better so I am getting a little worried now.
I’ll give the antibiotics their chance and run the full 7 day course but I suspect another trip to the GP will be on the horizon early next week.

Nothing ever seems to run smoothly or without any kind of hiccup just lately.
The whole year seems to have been like that.
Just when things seem to be back on an even keel, something comes along to slap us back down again.
I seem to have spent the whole year in and out of hospital for check ups and follow ups with the whole family with one particular worry being a cancer scare with my dad that required 2 biopsies.
Thankfully he’s been given the all clear but I can honestly say, I just can’t wait to see the end of this year!
It has been incredibly depressing.

All that said, I am going to be as positive as I can about Xmas. I am going to prepare for it and make it as special as I can for the sake of the kids.
We are at Mum’s for Xmas dinner, along with my brother and his kids!! Poor Mum!!

It’s my turn to work on the ward this year although it’s not a long day, it’s a short shift and I will be finishing at 15:30. So a late Xmas dinner at Mums and then the next two days off. So it’s not too bad.
The kids have said they are going to get up mega early to open their presents and they are going to make me a bacon butty before I go.

So hopefully the next few weeks will run smoothly but I’m not betting on it!!


So here I am at nearly midnight on a Saturday evening.
There is absolute crap on the TV so since I came in from work I have been playing on my new PC.
I finally got rid of the absolute shit that was Windows Vista and am now running Windows 8.
I have an i5 with a 2 TB hard drive…… sweet.
It’s running like a dream although it’s taking some getting used to!

So to carry on with that count down….
Only 51 days and counting until Dredd 3D comes out on BluRay.

So that must mean 174 days until Star Trek in the cinema…..

Any excuse for some Karl Gifs!!
Night yall!


Not that I’m excited in any way or even obsessed at all…….

But it’s only 57 days until the Dredd BluRay is released!!!!!!

Just got to get Xmas out of the way first!!!! POO!

and then to be extra sad and nerdy it’s only 180 days before the new Star Trek film is released in the cinema!

He looks just as frustrated as I am about that one! lol


I made a monumental decision this morning.
Well, for anyone who knows me, you’ll realise just how much of a monumental decision this was.

I was sitting here this morning playing on my computer, nothing new there then, when it suddenly occurred to me that I was about two weeks behind on most of my TV downloads.
What hit me the most was that I hadn’t actually missed much of them.

With more and more file sharing sites being hit with fines and closures and in some cases the people using the sites too, I decided that after more than five years of downloading I was probably actually pushing my luck just a little bit.

I took a good look at the rediculously long list of TV shows that I have been downloading and was amazed that when I really looked at it, I wouldn’t actually miss most of them.

So, I made the decision to stop most of what I’m downloading.
I picked just four shows out of over 30 to continue downloading. That should be enough to keep me off any radars.
Even those shows are actually being shown now in the UK so until I get used to who’s showing and when I’ll continue but even those will be given the chop at some point.

My interests have changed a bit in the last few weeks.
I seem to be going back to my main childhood love of movies.
My nerdiness is also making a comeback as I turn my attention to conventions. Most of which I can enjoy via the likes of YouTube without actually having to attend them.
I have also started drawing again!!!!
Actually physically putting pencil to paper and not using a computer.

This is going to free up Terrabites of space on my PC!!
I’m feeling quite liberated.


OK, I’ve been feeling a bit guilty just lately.
I am what is known on the internet as a ‘fangirl’
I do not deny this fact in any way shape or form.
I have been told I am currently just one step away from ‘stalker’ with my over obsession about Karl Urban but that is a line I won’t cross.

So after 36 Dish of the Week posts I realised there was one very important dish missing.
He has put up with me for over 20 years now and we have been married for 18 of them.
My husband and father to my three little devils, Ian.

In my defence, it is totally Ian’s fault that I am an obsessive fangirl.
When we met we were both Trekkers (still are and proud of it!!) and he was the Captain of the local Trek club I joined.
After several conventions together he took a photo of me and one of my earliest crushes.
Guy Vardaman.
Then he goes and gives me a framed copy of it.
Just look at that awful hair do!!
So!.. he has inadvertantly given me permission to obsess.
I will admit that my current obsession has got a little out of hand but I think my obsessions have ‘matured’ quite nicely!!


Poking around on the internet for images to use in blogs and posts, I noticed people creating some wonderful little animated GIF’s.
Thought I’d have a go at capturing some.
If this works I may just have a crack at making some myself although the package that I would use is very outdated now and I’m sure there are some simpler ones to use now.

This could be interesting.
Looks like it may have worked.
I’ll just have to publish it and find out for sure.
If it’s worked my blog site will be getting very animated.

Time to publish. Let’s see what happens!