Dish of the Weeks


OK, It’s been over 2 months since my last Dish of the Week!
I have neglected my blogging over the summer and have had various other things to keep me busy and things that have had me worrying.

Well today I took some time out with the hubby and while the kids were at school we actually went to the cinema.
We went to see ‘Dredd’ which I must admit I was a little dubious about to begin with.
I have never been a Judge Dredd fan and I have never read the comic books but my husband is a big fan.

I really enjoyed the film. It was actually pretty cool in a gory kind of way and the 3D effects of the gun shot wounds were really gruesome and very effective.

This all brings me to the point of this post.
Karl Urban.
He has now well and truly made it to being one of my favourite actors.

He first came to my attention in the Lord of the Rings trilogy as ‘Eomer’.

He then won the role of Dr McCoy in the re-boot of Star Trek and I really can’t wait to see the second outing of that crew next year.

I then caught him as the vampire ‘Black Hat’ in Priest.

And then along comes ‘Dredd’
I really hope this one makes it to a sequel.

I think I may just go and watch the Chronicles of Riddick. His character in that looks interesting and he’s reprising the role for another Riddick movie next year!

So there you have it. Another Dish makes it to the blog and I hope to see him in a lot more in the future.

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