Month: July 2012


The purgatory that is the summer holidays has started.

The Kids are bored already.
I appear to have half of Bedford’s kids in my house right at the moment but as long as they are behaving and staying out of my way, who cares!!

Absolutely typical, now my annual leave is over the sun decides to rear it’s head.
Worked all weekend which was kind of a blessing because it was the Bedford River festival and I couldn’t afford to park the car, let alone take 3 demanding kids around it.

Just cut the grass and now I’m making a start on the long over due weeding that I had planned to do during my annual leave but couldn’t because of all the rain.

Back to work tomorrow ­čśŽ

Wonder how many trips to A+E I’ll have this┬ásummer.
Marjorie has already been there but technically she was still at school and not in summer holidays so we are starting a fresh count.
With Murron and her new BMX and skateboarding fad my guess is that there will be at least one trip!!

Fridge is loaded with beer and I intend to keep it that way.
I also intend to finish my 50 shades trilogy.

There’s a water fight breaking out in the garden so gardening is about to be done at my own peril I think.

Oh well!


Well so much for getting the garden done!

I’ve had virtually the last two and a half weeks off work.
Apart from one long day and one over time shift I haven’t been at work since June 28th.
My parents were away on holiday and when they are away I lose my childcare so to play safe I just take the time as annual leave.
I can do the occasional overtime shift depending on what Ian’s working but otherwise my time is my own.

I┬á‘had’ planned to do my gardens, back and front.
What a joke! I’ve managed to get my patio area tidied up┬áand the grass cut between showers but weeding just hasn’t been possible.
I can’t believe the amount of rain we’ve been having and it literally shows no signs of stopping.
Don’t think my fire pit area is going to┬ábe completed any time soon either.

Murron has continued to have dizzy spells so another ┬átrip to the GP resulted in her┬ábeing referred to the paediatric team at the hospital. We’re just waiting for a┬ádate now.

Dharma had a couple of days off school with a bad tummy but on one of the few sunny days we’ve had she had her school sports day. It was a lovely day and me and Ian actually got to go out for lunch.

Ian had his facet joint injections in hospital last Friday. It went smoothly except for the fact I had to literally dump him at the hospital and come home to look after two kids because their school had been closed for the day due to a small fire the evening before!
Nothing ever goes smoothly.

Remarkably I remembered to feed Mum’s fish every other day.

On Friday 13th Murron decided she wanted to get a BMX bike for her birthday. We found her a nice little one at Halfords but one thing lead to another and Marjorie found a bike she wanted for her birthday followed by Dharma who wanted a BMX out of her Xmas fund.
Well ! I’d rather she got it at a time she could actually use it!

We picked up Marjorie’s bike up on Sunday morning and we left her to ride it home.
An hour later I was sitting in A+E with her after she had come off her bike on the way home and knocked herself senseless.
She can’t remember how the accident happened and she doesn’t even know if she blacked out or not.
She did have a nice little gash on the back of her head that needed glueing.

The worrying thing is that we were in A+E with Marjorie a few weeks ago because she flaked out on me one morning.
The fact that Marjorie can’t remember anything about the accident means we don’t know if it was simply an accident or if she actually passed out before it happened.
So It looks like another trip to the GP for some advise and another possible referral to the paediatric team.

Our problems pale in comparison to other family members at the moment so I’m sending lots of love out to Cheryl and a bundle more out to Aunty Valerie XXXXX

Got to have an early night tonight, back on the ward tomorrow but not to work.
Murron is having another small surgery on her thumb. It’s being done under a local anaesthetic so I’m hoping we won’t be hanging around too long after she’s had the surgery.

Then it’s back to work for real on Wednesday ­čśŽ
Really would love to be a stay home Mum again.

So it’s been a very eclectic kind of two weeks.
Could have done without all the Dr’s and hospitals.
Could have seriously done with a little more sun!
Just have to get the garden done when I can.