Dish of the Weeks


Dish of the week number 34 has been on the boil now for over 10 years!!
Really don’t know why I haven’t gushed about him before.
He’s absolutely beautiful and to top it off he’s the same age as me so I don’t feel like a cradle snatcher.

Michael Weatherly.

He first came to my attention as a wheelchair bound Logan Cale in Dark Angel.
Logan was a cyber-journalist who used his knowledge of computer technology to bring down the corrupt power brokers of the new millennium.

But it has been from a show that is just about to go into its tenth season that he really got my attention.
He plays Anthony DiNozzo, a Navy Criminal Investigator in NCIS.

This character is so down to earth and fun loving that you really get the feeling there is a lot of Michael in him.
He is incredibly handsome, has the cheekiest smile and a really naughty twinkle in his eyes when he’s messing around.
He is maturing rather nicely but he’s kept his cheeky smile, looks amazing in a suit and absolutely rocks sunglasses!!

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