Month: June 2012


Dish of the week number 34 has been on the boil now for over 10 years!!
Really don’t know why I haven’t gushed about him before.
He’s absolutely beautiful and to top it off he’s the same age as me so I don’t feel like a cradle snatcher.

Michael Weatherly.

He first came to my attention as a wheelchair bound Logan Cale in Dark Angel.
Logan was a cyber-journalist who used his knowledge of computer technology to bring down the corrupt power brokers of the new millennium.

But it has been from a show that is just about to go into its tenth season that he really got my attention.
He plays Anthony DiNozzo, a Navy Criminal Investigator in NCIS.

This character is so down to earth and fun loving that you really get the feeling there is a lot of Michael in him.
He is incredibly handsome, has the cheekiest smile and a really naughty twinkle in his eyes when he’s messing around.
He is maturing rather nicely but he’s kept his cheeky smile, looks amazing in a suit and absolutely rocks sunglasses!!


OK, just enough time to blog about Dish of the Week number 33.

Niall Matter.

I’ve not seen him in a lot.
He was in a couple of episodes of Stargate Atlantis and he was one of the Watchmen but it was in the soon to end series of Eureka that he really got my attention.
He’s tall, dark and cheekily handsome.
He comes across as the naughty boy next door with a heart of gold. Someone with an insatiable need for harmless fun.
Oh yes….. he has beautiful eyes!!

Although Eureka is coming to an end he has picked up a role in Primeval – New World. A Canadian spin off of the British series Primeval. We can only hope that it is successful and popular. Then we’ll get to see more of this……………….


OMG!! I knew that having kids wasn’t going to be easy but give me a break!!! I was never like Murron as a teenager!

My 14 year old.
Thinks she’s 20 years old and wants to be a rebel.

She’s pretty and she has ‘naturally’ blond hair that she has died a VERY dark brown, almost black.
This I can live with. It actually suits her.

But lately she’s been talking about tattoos and piercings.
She knows how me and her Dad feel about tattoos and we both hate facial piercings but today I discovered that she has pierced the little bit of skin under her tongue…. HERSELF!!!

I would never have found out if Dharma hasn’t snitched.
Of course this created world war three this morning between Dharma and Murron.
Poor old Marjorie kept herself to herself and just got ready for school, gave me a hug and pootled off.
Murron and Dharma both left like tornadoes and slammed the front door.

What could top all that off?
The £136 mobile bill she’s racked up this month, that’s what!!!
Her bill is normally £30 ish so this is what I catered for in the Direct Debit section of our bank account.
Subsequently there wasn’t enough funds in the account to cover the bill which was bounced so the damned bank will be charging us an additional £30 for the priveledge.

And finally, today, we have just received notification to make an appointment with the Orthodontist to see Murron because she isn’t losing her baby teeth.
Can I scream now.


I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never get away from the hospital or the GP this year!

I’ve had another 2 trips to A + E this week!

Last Tuesday Marjorie scared the life out of me when she passed out after I had finished drying her hair.
She simply looked at me and said “Mum, I don’t feel very well” and then the colour drained out of her face and she dropped to her knees with her eyes closed and didn’t come round for about 15 – 20 seconds.
The longest 20 seconds of my life!
She was given a full MOT at the hospital and it looks like it was just a fainting spell as she hadn’t eaten anything and then she had a hot shower followed by me drying her hair with a hot hair dryer.

My second trip was on Saturday Morning.
About two weeks ago now, I was doing a lot of work in the back garden and I picked up a couple of nasty bites. They both swelled quite nicely and I didn’t think anything of it because I usually react quite well to bites anyway.
Then over the week they seemed to clear up but on Thursday the one on my forearm started to itch like crazy again.
When I woke up on Friday I had a lovely 3 in red hot patch.
I took a trip to the Dr’s who put me on a course of Flucloxacillin.
I got up for work on Saturday to find that after 24 hours of anitbiotics, the red patch was STILL spreading.
The nurses at work took one look and sent me straight down to A + E who suplemented my Fluclox with Penicillin V and told me to go home because this was classed as an open infection and I shouldn’t be working! Great…. just what I need…. more sick time off work.

Anyway, this cocktail of antibiotics appears to be working. The patch is still there but hardly noticeable now and the area isn’t hot anymore.
So probably back to work tomorrow.

Ian had an appointment with the pain team and it looks like he is going to have to have another set of facet joint injections in his back to help with his pain.
He had some done a few years ago and they helped a lot. So hopefully he will have the same results this time.

I have a review with the Orthotics team at the end of the month and I suspect I may get referred to the surgeons.

Murron has a minor surgery coming up on her thumb. This time it will be done under a local anaesthetic so hopefully she will be in and out fairly quickly.

That, I think, is it for now.
I’ve had enough of this year. It’s just one thing after another.
No wonder I keep getting sick. I’m just run down with it all.
I need some sun but even that is eluding us at the moment.


Sat here at work playing with my phone.
On a break I might add!
Just installed WordPress and thought I’d give it a go.

Seems simple enough, let’s try a photo……


OK, so far so good. If this works, this is a photo of my back garden project as it is so far. Still got a lot of planting to do to soften it all up.

OK, lets upload and see what we get


All good things come to an end.
Unfortunately, they always come to an end far too quickly!

I’ve just had the last week off work. Not for a holiday, just for a break.
Not that I got much rest.
I had a big garden project I wanted to get started and I really broke the back of it this week.
Very nearly broke my own back doing it too!

I have created a new semi-circular seating area at the bottom of the garden using old car tyres.
It has a large fire pit dug out of the centre that is surrounded by rocks to finish it off.
The tyres have all been painted in a brick red and there are 9 individual seats with planting areas still to be planted.
Sounds a bit strange I know, and for the first half of the week I was beginning to think I’d made a big mistake but now that it’s coming together and the tyres don’t really look like tyres anymore, I’m actually quite proud of what I’ve achieved so far.
All that’s left now is the finishing off. Still need a LOT of pea shingle and at the moment there are NO plants so it’s still looking very stark and bare.

It has been back breaking work. From clearing the area initially to lugging huge rocks from the front garden to surround the fire pit to digging up tonnes of dirt to fill the tyres. Each tyre took about three wheelbarrow loads that had to be rammed into all the rims to make them stable for sitting on. When you consider there are about 25 tyres in the whole creation….. that’s a lot of wheelbarrow loads.
As Ian is still recovering from major shoulder surgery, I had to do this all by myself!!

When it’s all finished and planted, I’ll post some pictures.
Unfortunately that’s going to have to wait a few weeks as we’ve run out of funds for this month and I’m back to work tomorrow.
Think I need a week off to get over this week off!

Urgh, work!!
I would do anything to be a stay home Mum. Winning the lottery would be a godsend.
I wouldn’t be one of those whiners that tell you winning ruined their lives!
I have so many ideas and plans I would probably be more busy than I am now!

Anyway, time for an early night as I’ll have to be up before 6!


Getting a little bit excited now!
All of the Autumn TV shows have finished and now we are coming into Summer it is time for a few shows to start up again.
Not too many though, don’t want to miss out on that sun too much. No, just enough to keep us happy until the big run of Autumn shows starts again.

One of the first shows to start, 9 days and counting, is True Blood!

First off I would like to congratulate Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer who will soon be expecting their first baby together.
I may be a bit slow on the uptake but I didn’t even realise they were married!!! Apparently for almost 2 years now. Doh!
Sookie actually got her Bill….. Lucky girl!

OK, now to the main event.
For anyone who reads my blogs, in particular my DISH OF THE WEEKS, you will know that I am a big True Blood fan.
Lots of dishy meat to get my teeth into.
That said, there is one particular dish who has never made it onto my blog.
Time to rectify I think.

When you think about True Blood you automatically think about vampires but there are lots of supernatural creatures that hang around in the wings.
One of these came to the forefront last season and will be playing a big part in Season 5.


Alcide is a very sexy werewolf who first came to light a couple of seasons ago and has gone from strength to strength and at the end of last season casually falls into the leader of the pack position with the local werewolves.
I think he is really going to kick butt this season!

He is played by Joe Manganiello. All scrummy 6′ 5″ and scruffy mutton chops of him!
The man is seriously built!

Roll on June 10th!