Month: April 2012


After the horrendous start to the year things had started to even out.

Ian got his surgery a lot quicker than we expected. It went well. He now has his movement back but he needs to get on top of the pain management.

Murron’s little problems are just that, little problems.
They seem to be dissipating slowly. No intervention required.

Marjorie has a confirmed diagnosis of Frieburg’s disease. Big thumbs up to Mr Sood who actually diagnosed it back in February!
It should clear up on it’s own and in fact she has said that the pain has been easing up, so fingers crossed that’s it. Couple more months and she’ll be back to normal. She has already started to ride her bike again.

Dharma has just received her referral to the ENT department to see if we can get anything done about her nose bleeds.
Actually, after the nose bleed from hell in Feb she hasn’t actually had one since! Typical!

I am just biding my time trying out some shoe insoles from the orthotics department. Took me nearly two weeks to get used to them. Got to wear them for a couple more months but so far I can’t really tell any difference in the pain in my heel.

So, things were beginning to tick along smoothly again and then WHAM!!!

Along came this week.
I started to feel a bit off at tea time on Monday. Went to work on Tuesday. I made it to about 4pm before going home early. Thankfully the ward was fairly quiet and well staffed so I didn’t feel too guilty about it.
I had Wednesday off anyway and I thought that a day on the sofa would be all that was needed.
How wrong could I be.
Full on head cold arrived overnight and has steadily gotten worse ever since.
Phoned in sick for Thurs and today. Not back in until Tuesday and I really must go back in but the way I’m feeling today it’s looking doubtful.
Hopefully today is the tip of the iceberg and it will start to get better.
Either way, I feel like I have my head under water and I think that’s going to last for quite some time!!

So, is that it? Is that all I’m moaning about?
Well no!

Just to add insult to injury my Dad has just been told he ‘may’ have prostate cancer.
At the minute we’re hanging onto the word ‘may’.
He’s waiting for a biopsy date which I fully expect to land on his doorstep on Monday because if it doesn’t I’ll want to know why.

Puts things into perspective just a little bit doesn’t it.
All the complaining I’ve done so far this year and what have I really got to complain about?