Month: March 2012


I had a run in with a real jobsworth at our local sorting office yesterday.

I went to pick up a parcel for my husband as we weren’t in when it was originally delivered.
I had the delivery card and I had my ID. My driving licence with the SAME surname and the SAME address.
I was refused the item as it did not have my husbands name on it!

For over the last 10 years now we have done a lot of trading through Ebay and our parcels always default to my husband’s name on the address. Even on items that I have purchased.
When I pointed out that my ID has always been accepted in the past I was virtually called a liar!


If I had handed over my husband’s driving licence like he sugested, I would have been committing fraud.
To say that I was a little angry is an understatement and he did get some selective language thrown at him for which I am not proud.

The parcel was redelivered this morning by a man in a van at Royal Mail’s own expense.
No wonder they are losing business and having to put prices up!


My last post ‘Better To Have No God’ got a general thumbs up but started a bit of a discussion between myself and an old friend on Facebook.
When I say old friend, I mean ‘OLD’ friend. She was born 6 months after me and we quite literally grew up together. So I have known her all her life.

We got a bit stuck on the treatment of women in religion.
For a couple of days we messaged back and forth and it got a little heated and then I suddenly realised that we were doing axactly what I was trying to say in my last post.
Religion always ends in war.
People just cannot agree and then the extremists get on their high horses and then war breaks out.

Thankfully I realised what was happening and we stopped what we were doing and had a laugh.
I really must stay away from religion and politics in my discussions. It never ends well!


I watched an interesting but frustrating debate this morning. One of the questions asked was ‘has religion hijacked the meaning of marriage? but the most interesting question was ‘are many gods better than one?

As I sat listening to all the pompass assholes argue about various points in religion I got more and more angry.
One woman was adamant that if her particular church allowed same sex marriages she would simply walk away from it as it is quite simply ‘wrong’ in the eyes of God.
Others were argueing that woman should have no part in teaching the bible.
It wasn’t just arguments about Catholosism. There were arguments about all different Gods and religions.

As I sat there slowly smouldering and wanting to knock a few heads together, one man stood out from the crowd.
He simply stated that surely, when all things are considered, no God is better than one God or indeed many Gods.

He stated that he was a humanitarian who spends his life helping people all over the world who have become displaced or persecuted. Most of the time because of their religion.
This is a good man who just wants to help others and yet he was told that because he didn’t ‘believe in God or Jesus’ he was going to burn in hell for eternity when he died!!!


You only have to look at our history to realise that religion and faith are the cause of most wars and it’s still going on today.

I have no problem with people wanting to believe in something. I do have a problem when they consider their belief is the only right belief.
And there’s the problem.
All faiths and religions eventually end up with their radicals who believe that anyone who doesn’t agree should be obliterated.
This has happened throughout history with ‘ALL’ religions.

It’s time for people to FORGET religion. Live a good and simple life. Be good and kind and loving. But most of all, let people live the life they want to, be it straight, gay or bi.
If religion was taken out of the equation the world would be a much more peaceful and happy place.


Marjorie had her ultrasound drainage last Friday. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to drain. In fact they needed to inject the area with a small amount of fluid to be able to aspirate anything for a culture and even after that they weren’t sure if they got what they needed. So now we are back to waiting for a result. We are hoping that whatever transpires will be discussed in their weekly gathering tomorrow morning and then we should hear something about what is going to happen next.

Ian on the other hand got a call today from Bedford Hospital with an opening for his surgery.
He is having a pre-assessment tomorrow and his surgery next Wednesday. Pretty good going as he’s only known about the need for surgery for a couple of weeks. We were all set for up to six months on the waiting list.

The only problem is now I know we are going to get a call from Stanmore tomorrow about Marjorie. I can see it now, they are going to want to go in and take a look at what’s going on and they are going to want her to go in next week and knowing our luck they are going to want her in on Wednesday!!

But hey! I could be wrong. I could be jumping the gun and just thinking the worst.

What do you think?


I know, I know! Another dish of the week already. I’ve only just published number 29!
This one just keeps cropping up so I’ve decided to blog him… oo er!

This is a tricky one.
I first saw him back in 2005 when he was the lead in a show called Charlie Jade.
For the life of me I can’t actually explain what this show was about. It was a serious mind f###. I need to watch it again over a few bottles of wine.
Since then he has cropped up in a lot of my favourite shows, NCIS, Journeyman, Life, Criminal Minds, Private Practice, Castle, NCIS LA and Miami Medical with lots in between them all.

The reason for this post is that he has just cropped up in another series, Alcatraz. He looks to be a bit of a semi regular character. He got off to a good start. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

This is a tricky one because I find him extremely attractive on film but I cannot find a picture of him that does him any justice. There’s plenty of pictures out there, they just don’t seem right somehow. He looks a bit…. odd.
It’s a shame because he has an amazing sombre looking face and a soft voice, I seem to have a thing for soft voices just lately.

He is a very intrigueing and amazing looking man so I have picked a few pictures that kind of get where I’m coming from.
Oh yes! His name is Jeffrey Pierce.


Dish of the week number 29 has taken me a little time to warm to.
I don’t know why really. He’s everything I love about a great looking man.
He’s tall at 6’3, he has beautiful blue eyes, a wonderfully deep smooth voice and he’s incredibly built!

My first encounter with him was in the recent re-boot of Star Trek where he had an on screen appearance of about 10 minutes as George Kirk, the father of James T Kirk.
In the build up to the new Avengers movie it was his appearance as Thor that really sealed the deal for me.

So here he is, all 6’3 of him. Chris Hemsworth.