Dish of the Weeks


OK, first one of 2012.
Someone who keeps himself very quiet. Literally.
Jim Caviezel.

6’2″ with incredible eyes and a beautiful voice.

He crops up a lot in various films and TV shows but he is very understated and quietly spoken although he can kick ass when he needs to.

Technically I first saw him in G.I.Jane with Demi Moore where he was playing a bit of a meat head but he didn’t really grab my attention until a few years later when he made Frequency with Dennis Quaid, a very clever film.
Then I saw him in the costume drama re-make of Count of Monte Cristo where he played the lead role of Edmond Dantes. YUM!!
This film also introduced me to one of my previous Dishes, a very young and handsome and soon to be Superman, Henry Cavill!
He played Jesus in a very contoversial ‘Passion of Christ’ before swinging in completely the opposite direction and kicking ass in ‘Outlander’.
He was ‘6’ in the recent re-make mini series of ‘The Prisoner’ and can currently be seen in the TV series ‘Person of Interest’.

He is a busy man with three films in pre and post production for this year.
He is also a deeply religious and spritual man in a loving marriage and has adopted 2 children and nursed them both through brain tumors although he keeps his beliefs and his family life very quiet and private.

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