Here we are, 1 week into 2012 already.
How quickly we forget about Christmas and New Year.

I had high hopes for this year.
We were going to keep our heads above water. Concentrate on paying off the credit cards and just get on with life in a relaxed and happy way. We weren’t going to stress over things.

The reality…….

A couple of weeks before Xmas Marjorie developed a real pain in her right foot. She hadn’t done anything to hurt it. No trauma, no one had stood on it, she hadn’t kicked anything (including her sisters)
We took her to A+E and got it X-rayed anyway. They told us there was no break and that it was just soft tissue damage. We were happy with that.


By Weds 4th January her pain was worse and not any better so. I had a nagging worry in the back of my mind. One of the downsides of working on a children’s ward. The word Osteomyelitis kept popping in there and I decided to get her seen by the GP and express my concern.
As I was at work, Ian we took her to the GP but the GP wasn’t convinced it was anything to worry about but I have seen similar symptoms on the ward too many times.
I pushed to get her seen in Ambulatory on the ward at work. I literally had to fight the GP who wanted to just refer her to orthopeadics via a letter which would have taken up to 6 weeks. If it was Osteomyelitis this was not a good idea.
Ian and Marjorie finally arrived on the ward and spent the afternoon getting X-rays and bloods done and Orthopeadics were brought in to take a look. They had another X-Ray taken and after the blood results came back normal she was released from the ward to be seen by Mr Sood, one of the Ortho consultants on Thursday.
On Thurs Mr Sood took a good look at Marjorie and her X-rays and was concerned enough to order an emergency MRI scan. He wanted it done as soon as possible within the next two weeks!
Great, 2 weeks. Now I am worrying about a bit more than just Osteomyelitis, I’m worrying about bone tumors.

Anyway, I got home from work today to find the MRI appointment had arrived and it’s on Friday 13th!!
Ominous date or what!
So, a stressful week it is then.

All of this in just the first 7 days and to top this all off, Ian may well be in line for surgery on his shoulder to try and relieve arthritis pain at some point this year and I have been referred to orthotics to get fitted for a splint to wear on my left foot for 3 – 6 months. If this doesn’t relieve my pain then I could also be in line for surgery later this year.

So!! Happy new year!!!
Worst start to a new year EVER!

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