Dish of the Weeks


It’s getting harder and harder to come up with new Dishes. It takes a lot to get into my good books.
So this one is a little late as I’ve been thinking about it long and hard.

There’s a new Doctor in my life and I don’t mean Dr Who!!
At the start of the Autumn season of TV we had the usual round of new shows appear.
One of these shows sparked an interest.
The lead character in this show is Dr Michael Holt and he is played by a rather lush actor called Patrick Wilson.
Tall, nicely built and a lovely smooth voice with a beautiful smile when he decides to use it!

The show centres around a successful neuro surgeon, Michael Holt. The kind of surgeon who is exceptionally good at what he does but is ultimately a little full of himself. He has a chance encounter with his ex wife one evening and they share a drink and a long evening of conversation.
When he arrives at work the next day he decides to contact her only to discover that she had been killed several weeks earlier.
She keeps popping in on him and being a neuro surgeon he immediately suspects a brain tumor.
After all tests prove negative and she still comes around to chat he starts to accept her and ends up being talked into helping her old charity run practice find it’s feet again.

‘A Gifted Man’. It’s a good show and I hope it makes it past the first season.
That way, we’ll get to see more of this!

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