Month: December 2011


I think this will probably be my last post for this year.
Where do I start?

We’ve had a lovely Xmas.
The kids got way too much as usual but they were extremely happy. Xmas dinner was around Mum’s house and very nice it was too! Just wish I had the space to reciprocate occasionally.
I worked boxing day morning and did a full shift on the 28th, but that’s it now until 2012.

Just had a wonderful evening last night with friends, old and new, in the street. Lovely little wind down from all the Xmas festivities.
Time to start thinking about the new year.
I spent today clearing away the Xmas decorations and having a good tidy up ready for the fresh new year.
It suddenly all looks so bare and ‘normal’ again.

We kept our head above water this past year but it was tough. No money in the pot to go on any kind of holiday and there probably wont be next year either. This is one of the toughest things to come to terms with. The kids are growing up so fast and we have hardly had any oportunities to take them anywhere for holidays. We’ll just have to make the most of days out when we can afford them.

I’ve said it every year now for as long as I can remember but next year I have seriously got to lose some weight.
Only this time I’m having to do it for health reasons. My achilles tendonitis is not going to get any better without a little more help from me and chances are that If the brace I’m being fitted with soon has no affect then in six months time I could be heading for an operation to get rid of some heel spurs.

The spreadsheet has been created for the monthly bills and bank pot payments for the next year and it’s looking just as tight again. We really need a break. Just have to win the lottery I suppose……. if only!!!
Don’t want to be greedy. £400,000 would do it. That would allow us to buy a house outright and live mortgage free.
We could quite happilly live on what we earn, with holidays every year, if only we could live rent/mortgage free.

I am determined to keep our heads above water this year… sorry, next year!
Hopefully things will look up a little bit. Hopefully we will manage a small holiday.
As long as the bills are paid, there is a roof over our heads and food on the table then we can’t really complain.

So, time to start making all those new year resolutions.
Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.
Time for a clean slate.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


December 17th.
This time next week we will all have hyperactive kids as we try and get ready for the big day.
Getting them to bed and to actually get to sleep is going to be impossible so it will be a late night before we can get all the pressies down without them realising.

Anyway, it’s now Saturday morning, 17th December. I’M still sat in my PJ’s but I’ve got Mick coming round for a Xmas visit in about 45 minutes. Best go get a shower then!

Murron had a friend stay over last night and they are still sleeping. Guess I won’t be seeing them much before lunch time.

Marjorie and Dharma are going into town with Nanny and Grandad at lunchtime to buy pressies for Mummy and Daddy.

Me and Ian are going to pop into town later too.
Not looking forward to it. The town is going to be heaving.
Just got a couple of gifts I want to get and me and Ian have actually managed to free up a little cash so we can at least buy each other a little something.

I have got to finish writing the Xmas cards later and then the only thing left to do is get the fresh food.
Unfortunately I can’t do that until Xmas Eve because of work commitments. I am seriously thinking of doing a really late night shop run on the 23rd. That way I can just relax and get the house nice and tidy before all hell breaks loose on Xmas morning.



It’s getting harder and harder to come up with new Dishes. It takes a lot to get into my good books.
So this one is a little late as I’ve been thinking about it long and hard.

There’s a new Doctor in my life and I don’t mean Dr Who!!
At the start of the Autumn season of TV we had the usual round of new shows appear.
One of these shows sparked an interest.
The lead character in this show is Dr Michael Holt and he is played by a rather lush actor called Patrick Wilson.
Tall, nicely built and a lovely smooth voice with a beautiful smile when he decides to use it!

The show centres around a successful neuro surgeon, Michael Holt. The kind of surgeon who is exceptionally good at what he does but is ultimately a little full of himself. He has a chance encounter with his ex wife one evening and they share a drink and a long evening of conversation.
When he arrives at work the next day he decides to contact her only to discover that she had been killed several weeks earlier.
She keeps popping in on him and being a neuro surgeon he immediately suspects a brain tumor.
After all tests prove negative and she still comes around to chat he starts to accept her and ends up being talked into helping her old charity run practice find it’s feet again.

‘A Gifted Man’. It’s a good show and I hope it makes it past the first season.
That way, we’ll get to see more of this!


Here we are. December has well and truly arrived.

I’m coming to the end of two weeks of annual leave and I’ve got as much done as I can for Xmas.
Sausage rolls are made and frozen. Gammon joints have been cooked sliced and frozen. Food and nibbles have been stashed away. The only food to get now is the date sensitive stuff and for that I may make a middle of the night trip to Tesco, on a day off, to keep away from the queues.
Apart from a few delivery stragglers, all the kids presents have been bought and wrapped.
The Xmas tree is up and the outdoor lights are up.

To finish all this preparation off and to really kick off the festive season, the Bedford Lions started their yearly charity collection Santa run yesterday. They started with our area this year. Santa gets pulled slowly around the local streets in his sleigh, with Xmas music playing nice and loud, while his helpers go door to door to take collections for various local charities. The kids all come out and follow him up the street, it’s lovely!

I hope to get Xmas cards written this weekend.
I’m putting Auntie Karen’s Xmas tree up this morning and I may do Mum’s this afternoon.

Everything else will just have to wait until Ian’s Dec pay cheque! Overspent again!
Ho Hum!!


I’m getting a little frustrated now.
That answer I thought I was getting closer too has just gone flitting off for a while.
The guy that just did my ultrasound on my achiles tendon and heel area on my left foot has told me that Yes there is definately inflamation around the tendon and the tendon is definately swollen. He also pointed out that I do indeed have a ‘cluster’ of spurs, one of which could be attached to the heel and it is this spur that appears to be ‘causing’ the inflamation in the tendon!!!

So much for the spurs being a result of and not the cause of my pain!

So now I’m waiting again for a call from Muscular skeletal to discuss the results of the Ultrasound.