Month: November 2011


Finally went to see the Muscular Skeletal Team today and it turns out the spur I have is a ‘result of and not the cause of’ the pain I have when walking.
Subsequently at this stage there will be no surgery needed.
The pain appears to be caused by either tendonitis or bursitis.
I now have to wait for an Ultrasound/Mri, whichever becomes free first to pinpoint which one it is.
Then we can discuss treatment. Part of the treatment is rest. That isn’t going to go down well at work.

Going back out to work 3 years ago and doing a job where I am constantly on my feet appears to be the main cause of the problem.

6th November

I only have 7 more shifts over the next 2 weeks before I have 2 weeks of annual leave.
2 weeks to get all the shopping and preparations done for Xmas.
This means that Xmas is coming along really quickly!!
Where has the year gone?

I still have no clue what the kids actually want for Xmas. I asked them all to make lists and they simply gave me a list of useless things with no reason or need to them in any way. They simply went through a couple of catalogues and stabbed pins in things that looked good.
Murron would be happy if I just gave her the money but there is no way I am letting her loose with that much money. She would waste it on so much crap I’d hate to think what she would actually end up with.
Looks like I may have to have a Mummy and Murron shopping day in Milton Keynes
…. wish me luck!

I finally got an x-ray on my left heel the other day before my appointment with the Muscular Skeletal Team on thursday. I’ve already had months of physio and I’m living on painkillers. It’s been 6 months since my initial visit to the GP and this is the first X-ray I’ve had. The X-ray quite clearly shows a large posterior heel spur. Something the Muscular Skeletal Team can do nothing about. They will probably want to refer me to a pain nurse but enough is enough. I have a bone spike sticking into my achilles tendon. No amount of pain killers or physio is going to change that. I want to be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon to get it sorted once and for all. I’ll probably have to jump through all the NHS hoops to get there first though but it will be a complete waste of time and resources.
We’ll just have to see what they say on Thursday.

We’re still waiting for written reports from St Mary’s in London about all the tests Marjorie has had on her kidneys. I’m going to give them until around Thursday and then I’m going to call them to find out where they’ve got to. We have a follow up with the Paediatric Drs in Bedford on the 15th Nov and this will be completely moot without the reports.

Work is plodding along as normal. I work my butt off and seem to take on more and more but I’m still only a Band 2. That is beginning to grate on me a little.

Ian has finally had some good news at work. The position that he has been ‘proving’ he can do for the last year has finally been accepted and his promotion is now official. The fact that he has been doing the job for nearly a year without the extra pay doesn’t seem to have been noted but at least the extra pay will be there from now on. It will mean a bigger bonus in April too.

I know it sounds like I’m complaining a lot recently but I’m really just feeling a bit down. We are actually pretty lucky in the currently climate. We are both working, we have a roof over our heads, the kids are healthy, happy and fed, the bills get paid. It just seems like that’s all we’re working for. There is no give at all. There’s no money for holidays or even days out. The kids are growing up so fast and we just don’t get a chance to enjoy them any more.

Anyway, time to stop moaning and enjoy what’s left of my evening. I’ve been in an X-Man mood today. Just finished watching X-Men, have just started X-Men 2 and may work my way through X-men 3 later. We’ll see.