Dish of the Weeks


I’m in shock!
I am completely ashamed of myself!
How did I miss this one for so long?

In fact this guy is probably responsible for my ‘gushing’ in my blogs of recent years.
The reason I am in love with men who have incredible eyes.

He peaked my attention nearly ten years ago now as a character called ‘Lt Archie Kennedy’ who was friend and shipmate to ‘Horatio Hornblower’ in the wonderful series, ‘Hornblower’

Of course I am talking about the beautiful Jamie Bamber.

I loved him in ‘Hornblower’. Very young and fresh faced. The uniform, the scenery and his co star didn’t hurt either.

After Hornblower he worked his way through various successful shows like ‘Band of Brothers’ ‘Peak Practice’ ‘Daniel Deronda’ and ‘Ultimate Force’ but it was another show that really grabbed my attention.

He was chosen to play Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama in ‘Battlestar Galactica’. The reboot of the TV series of the same name from the 80’s.

It was an amazing show.
They got it right.
They didn’t do ‘cheesy’ like the recent ‘Flash Gordon’ piece of crap.
They even got the original actor, Richard Hatch who played Apollo in the original series, to star in the show as ‘Tom Zarek’.

Since Battlestar ran it’s complete story arc and ended in 2009, Jamie has been keeping himself busy with ‘Law and Order UK’ as well as guest appearances in shows like ‘Dollhouse’ ‘CSI Miami’ and ‘Ghost Whisperer’

He seems forever destined to be one of those actors that appears in things constantly but never really becomes a household name. You say the name ‘Jamie Bamber’ to people and they say ‘Who?’ and then when you tell them about him they remember him. They just don’t remember the name and that’s a real shame.

Look what they’re missing!!

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