Month: October 2011


09:00 So what’s been happening? Not much really. All the usual mundane life stuff. Housework, actual work, trying to make ends meet, hospital appointments with Marjorie in London (now just waiting for the all clear – hopefully). Only today is Halloween and for me this is where the festive preparations start.

This afternoon I will be decorating the garden ready for the Trick of Treaters tonight. But before then I have an appointment at the hospital with Murron. It’s a review on the surgery she had on her thumb a few months ago. She’s not been happy with this round of surgery and I have no idea where we go next. Possibly another round of surgery, we’ll have to see.

The funding for the kids Xmas presents is now all in the bank so it’s time to start thinking about actually getting the presents. Only problem is I have absolutely no idea what the kids actually want. I have two weeks of annual leave coming at the end of the month. My plan is to have Xmas sorted before I go back to work. At the moment I can’t see that happening!!

Next weekend we have a couple of old friends coming over. Saturday is actually Guy Fawkes night. Time for another bon fire in the back garden. The fire pit I dug a few weeks ago is actually really effective.

23:00 Survived another Halloween. Had Murron and a few of her mates over to watch Rocky Horror. All three little devils got way too many sweets.

Murron’s review at the hospital was short and sweet. We are going to wait another 6 months to see what happens. Mr Papanastasiou wants to give the nail plenty of time to grow out fully before making any decisions. If a procedure is needed and considering Murron is a big girl now, the next one will be under local anaesthetic and not a general.

Anyway, this hasn’t been the update I thought it would be and I’m too tired to write anymore tonight. So I may try again tomorrow after a good nights kip.


I’m in shock!
I am completely ashamed of myself!
How did I miss this one for so long?

In fact this guy is probably responsible for my ‘gushing’ in my blogs of recent years.
The reason I am in love with men who have incredible eyes.

He peaked my attention nearly ten years ago now as a character called ‘Lt Archie Kennedy’ who was friend and shipmate to ‘Horatio Hornblower’ in the wonderful series, ‘Hornblower’

Of course I am talking about the beautiful Jamie Bamber.

I loved him in ‘Hornblower’. Very young and fresh faced. The uniform, the scenery and his co star didn’t hurt either.

After Hornblower he worked his way through various successful shows like ‘Band of Brothers’ ‘Peak Practice’ ‘Daniel Deronda’ and ‘Ultimate Force’ but it was another show that really grabbed my attention.

He was chosen to play Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama in ‘Battlestar Galactica’. The reboot of the TV series of the same name from the 80’s.

It was an amazing show.
They got it right.
They didn’t do ‘cheesy’ like the recent ‘Flash Gordon’ piece of crap.
They even got the original actor, Richard Hatch who played Apollo in the original series, to star in the show as ‘Tom Zarek’.

Since Battlestar ran it’s complete story arc and ended in 2009, Jamie has been keeping himself busy with ‘Law and Order UK’ as well as guest appearances in shows like ‘Dollhouse’ ‘CSI Miami’ and ‘Ghost Whisperer’

He seems forever destined to be one of those actors that appears in things constantly but never really becomes a household name. You say the name ‘Jamie Bamber’ to people and they say ‘Who?’ and then when you tell them about him they remember him. They just don’t remember the name and that’s a real shame.

Look what they’re missing!!


Ok, here’s a first.
The first person to make a second appearance in my Dish of Weeks.

Henry Cavill.

He has a movie coming out on November the 11th called ‘Immortals’ in which he plays a character called Theseus and is taking on evil kings and the Gods of Olympus that looks just a bit sizzling. Looks like he gets to strip off quite a bit.

He is currently filming as the new Superman but unfortunately we are going to have to wait until 2013 to see it but as you can see, he gets to strip off in this one too and OMG has he bulked up for the part. He is absolutely smoking hot and I simply can’t wait to see the film.

So please accept my apologies if I rant about this guy just a smidge over the next year.


Diet got off to an incredible start last week


Went into London for a set of scans on Marjorie’s kidneys on Tuesday. Arrived in Paddington about an hour early at 8am so we had breakfast at McDonalds and then we followed that up with lunch at KFC before coming home having a few beers and then flaking out.
Now I must stress that I don’t ordinarily live on take out food. I do actually cook! I just eat too much. Plain and simple.

I’m also not a huge fan of diet clubs like Weight Watchers. I think they are a total scam and ‘as a business’ they are designed to make money and they make it from vulnerable people.
Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people out there who swear by them and who go because they need the incentive of being weighed every week but come on….. if you really think about it and are sensible and reasonably well educated, all you need to do is take away the food you know is bad, keep a few of your naughty favourites to a minimum and most importantly…. exercise more!

I did all this over 4 months about 5 years ago and I lost 3 stone. I was eating healthy and exercising well and the weight just dropped off. Then I lost my incentive and that’s the problem.

How do I get that incentive back?!

The problem is quite simple. I enjoy my food. I like a good meal and a good movie and a few beers. Movies are my hobby and the only thing I treat myself to on a regular basis. I’m not giving up movies so it stands to reason that my snacking and drinking when I am watching movies is not going to stop easily.

I’ve got a headache just thinking about it!!


The last couple of days has seen this chap on our chat shows promoting his new movie, ‘A Dolphin’s Tail’. He has an amazing singing voice and I loved him in ‘P.S. I Love You. When the original X-Men movie came out I thought he would have made a fabulous ‘Gambit’ but apparently no-one else thought so. He keeps cropping up in movies and TV shows and is just adorable to look at and listen to.
So here he is…..

Harry Connick Jr


Could this be the day I get my arse into gear and sort myself out?

I’ve been saying it for the last ten years and about 5 years ago I did make a start that went really well for a few months and then I lost my willpower. So here we are again. Thinking about losing weight and getting myself a bit fitter than I currently am.

This time I really do need to think seriously about it because it is now affecting my health. I’m sure my heal spur wouldn’t be quite so bad if I wasn’t carrying around so much weight and I’m sure that my energy levels would improve as well.

So, I have a few cans of lager in the fridge and some nibbles on my desk that I will finish off today and then tomorrow I will make a fresh start.
Think I’m going to have a detox week and give up meat. I think a week of fruit and veg will do me the world of good.

So keep checking in and I’ll keep you posted on how things are going.

Anyway, it’s the 1st October and believe it or not, we are in the middle of a heat wave!! I plan to go finish tidying up the back garden ready for Murron and her friends next weekend.