Month: September 2011


I know I said I wouldn’t be getting Murron any more presents for her birthday next week because she’d already got her presents but I just couldn’t let her wake up next week with nothing to open. Not going to be specific just in case she gets to read this. It’s not much but I think she’ll be happy with it.

Anyway, it is a glorious day out there today and I am in the middle of three days off. It would be the perfect time to tidy up the gardens a little bit instead of vegetating in front of the computer all day. Suppose I had better get a move on.


I think I may be going slightly mad. I have agreed to let Murron have a sleepover, girls and boys, in tents in the back garden on her birthday!! Apparently one of her friends has a ten man tent. mmmm regretting my decision a smidge.

Anyway, Murron has already had her presents as we went halves on a WII with Mum and Dad earlier in the year when we found a great deal and we have just spent the rest of her birthday money on a second hand laptop from a friend Ian works with so she’s actually done bloody well for her birthday. The only reason I caved into her sleepover was I was feeling a little guilty about not having any gifts for her to open on the day.

Right, I now need to design the invites but I need to add, as subtly at possible, that alcohol and hanky panky will not be tolerated


It rolls around so quickly but it never lasts a minute!


It’s really quite depressing sitting here on Pay day sorting out the bills and savings pots. The money disappears so quickly. That said, when I really think about it, the rent and council tax are paid so we have a roof over our heads. The direct debit money is put aside for when it is required so things like the Gas and Electricity and all the family mobile contracts are covered when required. The little savings pots in our bank account that have been set up for future bills like car insurance, birthdays and xmas have all had their allocated amounts and finally there is the food budget for the month. I like to be optomistic and budget for around £20 a day but that never happens and we always end up dropping down to £10 a day. This is for 5 people and has to cover things like loo paper and toiletries as well! It’s a tough budget but we manage. The kids get their pocket money each week, mum and dad get a few small treats occasionally and this month is a bonus as we get 2 child benefits before next Pay day! The second one arrives on my birthday.

Happy birthday.

I may actually get to go out to dinner this year.

Murron came home from school with a letter about a big school outdoor adventure trip in march. Only 40 places available and I would love for her to go. Only problem is the cost. Murron has agreed to paying the second deposit with her birthday money and I think I’ll have a chat with Mum later to see if Nan and Grandad could pay the first deposit. This will give us chance to save the balance in one of our little savings pots. Sounds like a plan.

Right, three days off work, lovely. Now that the bills are all sorted I can relax. Might even attempt some gardening later.


I’ve been taking a look at the themes for my blog.
I’ve been feeling a little hemmed in with this current one and need to spread out a little.
It’s a risky thing to attempt when I’m off out to work in ten minutes because if it messes up I won’t be able to fix it until later this evening.
I apologise if you made it here only to find a complete mess!
Here goes………..


On a day off in the middle of a long week. Been feeling really drained the last few days but I had a good lay in this morning and now I’m feeling quite relaxed. Actually catching up on the weeks new TV from the States on my only day off. Two more long days ofter today and then the nightmare week is over.

There have been a few new shows in the mix but none have really struck me yet although I have been so tired I don’t think I’ve really taken them in properly. I may just try them again in the week before I make my mind up about anything. In fact everything has seemed a bit mediocre so far. Don’t know if it’s just the mood I’m in or that they may be coming to the end of their run of luck. We’ll see how it goes. The old favourites like CSI are still chugging along but nothing seems to sparkle anymore. The only exception to the case so far is CSI New York. The opening episode to the season starts with a tribute to 9/11. Nicely done, nothing cheesy, fills out certain characters very nicely.

Anyway, I plan to spend the rest of my day sitting on my butt, having a few beers and generally relaxing before work tomorrow. Looking out my window I can see a garden in desperate need of a weed. It’s just going to have to wait. I have three days off later in the week. Maybe I’ll tackle it then