Month: August 2011


Went back to work after three weeks of annual leave. The ward is unusually quiet at the moment. Good news is, it gives me time to organise things that haven’t been organised in a while and to have a re think about various things.

We made a decision to sell our large Denby Marakesh formal dining set after 17 years.
We actually had a business offer us £920 for the lot which is incredible.
It has allowed us to redecorate and revamp the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and living room.

Can’t wait to actually put the living room together.
It dawned on us that after nearly 20 years of living together our living room doesn’t actually say ‘Ian and Shelly’
What it’s actually saying is that we are trying to mish mash our parents styles and it just isn’t us.
We’ve decided to make it ‘our’ space and turn it into our movie room.
Good movies and TV have always been our joint hobby. We don’t smoke or go out partying and drinking every weekend. We don’t even get to go out to dinner together very often. What we do manage to do is enjoy a good movie together and as we recently invested in a 50 inch plasma and the living room is looking tired we decided to ‘go for it’.
We are having movie posters as the accent on the walls instead of the usual large mirror and photos.
We are getting black maxi poster clip frames and starting with ‘The lost Boys’  ‘Original Star Wars ep1’  and the original ‘Tron’ posters. These can always be swapped out occasionally to get a different feel or introduce other new movies. We also have 2 smaller black frames with 9 appertures each that we are going to put the complete Star Trek and Star Wars movie posters into. Going to be different and not everyone is going to like it but it will be ‘us’ for a change.

Only another week and a half before the kids go back to school…. whoo hooo!
We are just about there with the uniforms and kit. Just got to get it all out of the packaging, iron and label it.

Only another 2 and a half weeks before the autumn season of tv starts in the US with the Vampire Diaries kicking it all off…. Can’t wait!
Stefan on a bender with Klaus giving Damon time to develop his relationship with Elena and after ‘that kiss’ in the season 2 finale I can’t wait to see where it goes.
The season 3 ‘sizzle reel’ released by ‘The CW’ gives a 3 minute re-cap of season 2 events followed by a 20 second glimpse of a scene from season 3 where Damon surprises Elena in nothing but bubbles!! YUM!

Oh yes, this series just keeps getting hotter and hotter!

Anyway, Dr Who starts again tonight so we are going to get a chinese and enjoy it with the kids.
Then it’s three long days at work.
Bank holiday weekend…. It’s going to be a long three days!!!


Hmmm, where to start?

I’m in the middle of three weeks off work. Lovely.
Mum and Dad have gone on holiday so I have taken time off as Mum is my primary child care when I’m at work.
Ian finished his last shift this morning and he now has the next two weeks off as well.

I started physiotherapy on my left foot last week. Appears I have something similar to heel spurs. Bloody hurts in the mornings and when I’ve been on my feet all day. Hopefully the physio will help otherwise I may need injections or at the worst, some surgery. Got my second session tomorrow lunch time.

Dharma has an appointment with a plastic surgeon on thursday. Her right ear sticks out a little. You don’t notice it much from the front but from the back it really sticks out. She’s a bit contious of it and now that she’s moving into year 5 at school, we don’t want her getting picked on. It’s only an initial consultation and he may not go ahead with anything. We’ll see.

I’m doing a bank shift on the ward on Saturday. Will be able to do some catching up with peeps.

Marjorie got an appointment through for a consultation with a Specialist Paediatric surgeon at St Mary’s in London for the 16th August. Trouble is they want us there by 10am! Great. Going to have to travel during rush hour.
Hopefully it will be a quick visit and the surgeon will say there is nothing to worry about and that we just need to keep an eye on things.
Having said that, if that’s all he does say I’ll want to know why we had to go all the way into London during rush hour to hear it.

We want to try and get a few days out with the kids but with finances being what they are at the moment it’s going to be really difficult to do anything mega special.

Oh yes, mum goes away on holiday and the first time I use the washing machine in anger…. it breaks!
Two of the paddles on the inside of the drum have literally snapped off. Only had the bloody thing since February.
Now we are waiting for a call from an engineer when he knows he’s got hold of the parts so that he can make a date to come and fix it. In the meantime, I’m going to have to spend a morning round Mum’s doing some washing.

All of this is supposed to be interspersed with gardening but I just can’t get motivated for that.
Instead, I’ve been spending time scanning some old family photos. I have whole box from Nan I’m currently working through. It’s been an eye opener. A few more people have been added to the family tree.
I’m backing everthing up as I go along onto a site called So far I’m up to 4618 photos! With loads more to go. It’s going to take months.

Had a wonderful evening at a neighbour’s party last weekend. Really must return the favour sometime.
Getting far too used to this stay home Mum business again. It’s going to be hard going back to work. Especially at the moment. The ward is going through some major changes, not all good. The next year is going to be incredibly hard.

That’s it…. ooops! nearly forgot. We made our 17th anniversary last Saturday. Not that we had a chance to celebrate.
Anyway, that really is it for now.


Now I just loved the last Superman Movie and I thought that Brandon routh was just ‘lush’ and did incredibly well.
Unfortunately I think he was just too much like Christopher Reeve and that coupled with a legal rangle put paid to him continuing in the role. Which is a shame.

A few months ago we got the announcement that Henry Cavill will be stepping into the red and blue shoes and as anyone who regularly reads my blogs will know, I just love Henry Cavill.
He starred alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers in The epic TV series ‘The Tudors’
I did have my doubts about him playing and all american hero like Superman….. he’s a brit!

However…. I’ve just seen the first official image of him in ‘the suit’ and all I can say is…….  BRING IT ON!!!