Month: July 2011


Time for a catch up.
I haven’t felt like blogging much over the last few weeks. I’m on a bit of a downer one way or another.
Most of it stems from struggling with finances ALL the time. I guess we are luckier than a lot of people. On payday all our bills are paid and direct debits are catered for. Money is weazled into savings pots so that when other bills come around like car insurance and road tax, we know we have the money to pay for them. Unfortunately this leaves absolutely no wriggle room.
No chance of a family holiday, very rarely a chance for a family day out, think twice about where money has to come from if the kids need new clothes and shoes and me and Ian thinking about new clothes and shoes?!!! FORGET IT!

I mentioned in my last blog that I thought I’d been caught by a speed camera. Well I haven’t received anything in the post so I may have dodged a bullet with that one. I’m being mega careful with my speed now however.
I will admit to be being quite heavy on my accelerator occasionally, especially in the morning on my way into work when the roads are empty. It’s no excuse I know.

Murron’s operation went absolutely swimmingly a couple of weeks ago. She has an eceptionally healthy heart apparantly. Nice low resting beat of 50 – 55 when most kids her age are 65 – 80! Even when she was being hooked up to all the monitoring in the anaesthetic room she didn’t go over 55 beats because she was cool as a cucumber.
Took the dressing off yesterday. Doesn’t look particularly pretty but hopefully this has now done the trick and she won’t have any more problems with the nail.

We have received notification that Marjorie has an outpatients appointment with a surgical specialist in London in August about the cyst that has been found on her kidney.
Yeah, 10am in London!!
It’s going to cost a fortune getting into London during rush hour!
Mum and Dad are away on holiday then so we’ll have to take Murron and Dharma with us. Might as well make a day of it.
Only downside to that is if we get bad news it’s gonna put a real downer on the rest of the day.

My current work rota meant I had 3 straight days off work this week. LOVELY.
Went back to work yesterday, however, I woke up with a dodgy tummy that started to really develop by the time I got into work. By 9am I had to leave. Tummy has settle down today but I’m not actually back on the ward until Thursday.

Right , time to shake myself out of this pit of self despair. Got to start thinking more positively.
I have a job, my husband has a job. Both of them are fairly secure.
Roof over our heads, bills are paid and the kids are happy.
Can’t ask for much more in the current climate.