Month: June 2011


I just want a normal, run of the mill life for a while.
I want my kids to be happy and not bicker all the time.
I want to go to work without worrying about anything.
I want boring for a while.

Had a worrying few weeks with Dad. He had to have a biopsy on a lump on his vocal cords. Thankfully it’s nothing nasty.

Marjorie went for an Ultrasound scan a few weeks ago after having several boughts of UTI before Xmas. Considering the issues with Murron’s kidneys we thought it was best.
Got the report back on Friday. Kidneys are a normal shape and size but there is a 14mm cyst sitting on one of them!
Was this the cause of the UTI’s or have we just found it by accident? We are now waiting for a response from a referral to a specialist surgeon in London. Hopefully she will just need to be monitored regularly on top of her regular hip checks!

Murron is going in for surgery next Tuesday. The thumb she anihilated two years ago is still giving her problems. The side of the nail that was fixed last year is fine, now it’s the opposite side that needs fixing.

My 91 year old grandmother fell over yesterday and knocked herself out!! Thankfully she didn’t break anything and she didn’t end up in hospital. A doctor came out to check her over and gave her the all clear. Cold have been a lot worse!

To top all this off I’m pretty sure I got caught by a mobile police speed camera on my way into work last Thursday!! My own stupid fault. Just waiting to see if anything turns up in the post. Hopefully it won’t.

Financially things are getting tighter. Not made any easier by the Tax Credits fiasco.
So much for a financial boost. What’s the point if you end up owing it back again!! I just don’t get it.

Ian’s arthritis and general joint pain has taken a turn for the worse and he made need steroid injections in his shoulder and I have been referred to a physiotherapist for possible heel spurs on my left foot.

On the bright side, we have a new arrival in the family. Cousin Carly had her baby at the weekend. Welcome Isobelle.

Right, I have the next two days off and I’m going to enjoy them!!


This morning we receive a letter from HM Revenue and Customs.
It tells us that because of our current status we are no longer eligible for tax credits.

What a farce!!!

That fact is that over the last couple of years, what little we were getting was being redirected straight back to the govenment to pay off the over payment they made to us over the previous years because of the back arse way they work it all out!!
In fact we are now in debt to the government by £15 a month for the next twelve months because we are still having to pay off that over payment.