Month: May 2011


As usual, things have been busy in one way or another. Whether it’s work or housework or gardening, there is never a dull moment.
Well we were thrown a complete curve ball this week when Marjorie woke up on wednesday morning to announce she had lost the sight in her left eye!!
Marjorie being Marjorie was cool as a cucumber, her Dad and me however…. were not.
After 2 trips to A+E, where her sight returned and then a long wait until Friday afternoon to see a Paediatric eye specialist, Marjorie was given the all clear. Looks like visual migraines are the order of the day. As long as she doesn’t get the headaches that usual accompany the migraines, I can live with the temporary visual loss!

The next week is going to be a strange one.
On Monday Murron has an appointment with a Plastics specialist about the thumb she annihilated a couple of year ago and which she has subsequently has surgery on. She is now getting huge hang nails on the opposite side of the thumb she had surgery on which has been fine. Chances are she’ll need more surgery.

On Wednesday, Marjorie is going for an ultrasound scan to check out her kidneys after the Urinary tract infections she sustained a few months ago. It’s never ending with Dr’s and specialists!

On Wednesday afternoon I am going to the funeral of an old school friend.
She died very suddenly about two weeks ago. Just 41 years old. A complete shock and one that really grounds you in the reality that we are really not here for very long!

To balance the funeral out, I am going to the wedding of a work colleague on Friday. Hopefully the weather is going to be amazing and we are going to have a beautiful day.

This is all going to be interspersed with the usual work and family commitments and is hopefully going to round off the week on an upbeat note.

Never a dull moment.
I really must get onto thinking about another dish of the week!


Yes, I’m still here.
One post a month is just not good enough. Time for a catch up.

It’s been a busy few months.
I’ve started doing bank shifts on top of my normal shifts at work. Bumps the salary up a little bit at the end of the month.
When I’m home I’ve started the humongous task of the garden tidy for the year. Front garden isn’t too bad but the back garden is a nightmare as always. Got some big plans for extending the veggie patch and I’ve got lots of seedlings ready to plant out in another week or two. This year we’ve decided to try some sweetcorn and potatoes. We’re also doing peas, runners and brussels and lots of sunflowers.

There have been some changes around the house …. AGAIN!!!
We have turned the dining room back into a bedroom. Marjorie and Dharma had just outgrown each others company so sharing a bedroom was turning into a nightmare for both them and us. Marjorie is now in the dining room and loving every minute of it.
We had funds in the house move pot and since the house move never happened we redirected the money into decorating the girl’s rooms. Ian had a bit of a bonus from work too so all three of the girl’s rooms have been completely redecorated and furnished and they finally have the rooms they’ve always wanted.
Once again our room has taken a back seat as we ran out of funds to complete it. It is now the dumping ground for the entire house.
We are now planning to freshen up the living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom and toilet….. er, that’s the whole house!

Just not enought time and money.

Anyway, next week see’s the finale’s to lots of my favourite shows, most notably ‘Smallville’
Not only is it a season finale but it is also the finale for the entire series. The culmination of 10 years.
Clark has finale grown up, found his feet and Lois Lane. The only thing he hasn’t done is fly and don the suit. A suit we have already seen waiting in the fortress of solitude and it’s the movie suit that Brandon Routh wore in Superman Returns!
If he doesn’t fly in the series finale I’m going to be so ticked off!

Anyway, got to get back to some of that gardening. I’ll blog some more later. I’m seriously behind on my dish of the week.