Month: April 2011


It’s been a busy week.
As we decided not to move anymore, the money that we had weazled away for the move was invested in decorating instead.
We have turned the dining room into a fourth bedroom and totally redecorated and furnished the three girls rooms and they all now have beautiful clean and girly spaces of their own.
Murron is mega happy as she now has the teenager bedroom she’s been craving and to add icing to her cake her recent phone contract upgrade came with a free 32 inch TV!! She’s in piggy heaven. Just hope she appreciates it and changes her attitude a little. We can but hope.

So, now all the main decorating and flat pack building is done it is now time to  go through all the cupboards and drawers and have a good sort out.
I’m sure at least 50% of the clothes in Dharma’s wardrobe don’t actually fit her anymore!

I’ve got sore hands and my poor feet and ankles are like footballs. Kneeling on the hard wooden floors putting together not one, but 14 pieces of flat pack furniture is not good but it is now all finished and I must say is all looking exceptionally good. I never want to see another piece of flat pack furniture as long as I live…….. until I have enough money to do my bedroom that is!

I’m actually on annual leave this week so that I can get all this done but even so I was asked to do a few hours last night.

Anyway, this is getting nothing done and I’d rather do what I have to do while the kids are at school. No screaming and tears as I throw away scraps of paper and card that are just gumming up the works but that the kids think are ‘oh so precious’!!!! NO! it’s scraps of paper and it’s a mess!

Maybe think about my next dish of the week while I’m clearing the crap.