Month: March 2011


How could I have missed this one for so long?!

David Boreanaz.

He first graced our screens in the late 90’s as the Oh so very sexy Angel and the even more sexy Angelus! in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. He was so popular he sporned his own series ‘Angel’.
As ‘Angel’ he was a very brooding 150 year old vampire with a soul but very occasionally (and not as often as I would have liked!) he lost that soul and became his evil twin ‘Angelus’
Yum! Black leather trousers, black shirts or velvet shirts topped off with a long black coat and no concience what so ever.
‘Angelus’ was pure evil and absolutely delicious.
David had an uncanny knack of being able to turn fom Angel into Angelus with very little effort. A slight change in demeanour and a little more cocky swagger and there you have him. It was quite spooky to watch.

The part of Angel, although it lasted over 10 years, was always going to have to come to an end in a fairly short time.
Angel was supposed to have been turned into a vampire in his early 20’s but of course David couldn’t halt the passing of time and Angel began to age to a point where it would have been silly to try and carry on going.

So! the oh so scrummy David matured rather nicely and he now graces our screens as Agent Booth in the fantastic comedy crime drama ‘Bones’ where he plays an agent who has teamed up with a forensic anthropologist to solve murder cases when there isn’t much left of the bodies to go on with. The Anthropologist is called Temperence Brennan and her knickname is ‘Bones’
A very entertaining show with a unique twist on the usual forensic dramas.