Dish of the Weeks


I am a happy bunny! Surprised but happy.

While looking for my usual TV to download that aired in the States last night I stumbled across a show I thought had been cancelled.
Season one of ‘The Listener’ aired back in 2009, finishing in August 2009. There was no word about it for the 2010 season and in fact it didn’t air at all in 2010 so naturally I though it had been canned.
I archived season one off my computer and put it down to another show with promise biting the dust before really being given a chance.

So! I was more than a little stunned when I stumbled across season 2 episode 2 in the list of shows that popped up this morning.
Something to look forward to after work tonight.

Anyway, this little discovering inspired my Dish of the Week number 21.
The lead actor in this show is a guy called Craig Olejnik.
I fell in love with his eyes during season 1. They are the most beautiful, pearcing and icy blue I have EVER seen. They are amazing but can I actually find a picture that does them any justice!!! No not really.
This is the best I could find and beleive me, this picture doesn’t do them any justice at all.

Update, 23/02/2014
Here they are!!


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