Month: February 2011


House move on, house move off, house move on……

House move is definately now off!
They are asking too much for the property. We’ve tried to work our finances over the last few months as if we were paying the higher amount for rent by putting the excess into savings but after a final look at the budgetting we’ve decided that we really don’t want to struggle any more.
We ‘could have’ made the move but it would have meant absolutely no give if anything unexpected cropped up.
So the decision has been made.
Stay put and do some decorating.
Looks like I’m going to lose my dining room to a bedroom again. Ho Hum


The house move looks like it could be taking place on April 1st!
Yes, I know it’s April fools day.
Only sticking point now is the Landlord still needs to be informed that his current tennant is moving out.
Agency are going to push the fact that they have a reliable family that wants to move in immediately but there’s nothing to stop the landlord wanting to put the rent up and if he does that we can’t afford the place.
So we’re playing the waiting game but hopefully not for long.

Managed to get a parking ticket when we went to see the agency today. Can you believe the parking warden ticketted us just 5 minutes after our ticket expired! and we were back two minutes after that. Great! Just what we didn’t need right now.

The plans have all been finalised for the kids schools!!
Woo hoo….. it’s only taken nearly two years.
So my kids are all now officially going to the only 2 tier schooling in the county.
Woodside Middle is now officially closed. It will now be known as Putnoe Primary and is going to get a MAJOR face lift before September this year and is going to look stunning.
I can’t wait to see the changes. I am never going to be able to stop calling it Woodside though!
Marjorie will definately be moving up to Rutherford in Sept. 2 years earlier than she would have done with the old 3 tier system. She is going to have a distinct advantage over the kids moving up to Rutherford in year 9 from surrounding middle schools.

So! It’s all go. Everything is moving in the right direction at last. Just have that nagging feeling that something is going to go wrong at some point.

Let’s hope not.


I am a happy bunny! Surprised but happy.

While looking for my usual TV to download that aired in the States last night I stumbled across a show I thought had been cancelled.
Season one of ‘The Listener’ aired back in 2009, finishing in August 2009. There was no word about it for the 2010 season and in fact it didn’t air at all in 2010 so naturally I though it had been canned.
I archived season one off my computer and put it down to another show with promise biting the dust before really being given a chance.

So! I was more than a little stunned when I stumbled across season 2 episode 2 in the list of shows that popped up this morning.
Something to look forward to after work tonight.

Anyway, this little discovering inspired my Dish of the Week number 21.
The lead actor in this show is a guy called Craig Olejnik.
I fell in love with his eyes during season 1. They are the most beautiful, pearcing and icy blue I have EVER seen. They are amazing but can I actually find a picture that does them any justice!!! No not really.
This is the best I could find and beleive me, this picture doesn’t do them any justice at all.

Update, 23/02/2014
Here they are!!



Let me tell you how I’ve been.

STRESSED!!! That’s how I’ve been.

Why have I been so stressed?
Currys Customer Service….. or lack of. That’s why I’ve been so stressed.

Let me explain.

On Friday 28th Jan our washing machine died. It had been a good machine and got a real pounding every week. We decided that because of the age of the machine and the cost of a call out and repair it was probably a better option to actually get a new machine.

So! On the 29th Jan we purchased a Beko WME8227W washing machine from the Rope Walk branch of Currys in Bedford.

It was delivered on Wednesday 2nd Feb.

On Thursday 3rd Feb it died half way through its second wash load.

On Fri 4th Feb we spent 45 minutes on the phone to finally get put through to Beko who apologised and wanted to send out an engineer! Of course we said no to this option as we wanted a replacement for an item that was less than a day installed before breaking down.
We were given a reference number and told to get back in touch with the purchase store to arrange for the replacement.

On Sunday 6th Feb the new machine turned up and on Sunday afternoon the machine was deemed useless as it couldn’t get through a spin load without walking across the floor sounding like a jack hammer. (yes, the bolts were removed and we spent all afternoon with a spirit level making sure it was indeed level! to no avail)

Monday 7th Feb we went through the whole phone procedure again and again we got a reference number from Beko who informed us to go back to Currys support who then informed us that they couldn’t do refunds and that we had to go to the store.

Tuesday 8th Feb we arrive at the store with all the paperwork and the reference number. We explained all the above and that we wanted a refund.
It was then that we realised we didn’t have the debit card with us that we paid for the machine with.
We didn’t think this would be an issue because it was an electronic point of sale being refunded to the same account it was paid from. Wrong. We were told we needed the card so I left my husband at the store and drove home for the card.

When I arrived back at the store, pickup of the machine was arranged for Weds 9th Feb and we were then told that once the item had been picked up we would need to go back into store to actually activate the refund……. which begs the question….. WHY did I have to drive home to get the card when it wasn’t actually required for anything that day? To add insult to injury, the card is in my name but I was working the next day so my husband would have to take the card in for the refund and this was apparently NOT a security issue!

So far this machine had cost us an hour and a half on premium rate numbers, 2 days waiting for the machines, 2 additional trips to the store and the insult of being told that we wouldn’t have had all this trouble if we had purchased the product protection which would have added another 25% to the price and also that Currys now give free delivery that we paid £20 for.
Why should we pay for added protection on an item that already has a 12 month guarantee?
Why were we asked on 2 occasions to go back to the manufacturer for support while it quite clearly states under the consumer act that under 21 days it is the Traders responsibility and not the manufacturers.
On the government website it quite clearly states the following….

If you are entitled to a refund, replacement, repair or compensation, it is the trader who must sort out your problem. The trader cannot tell you to go back to the manufacturer.

When we queried this with customer support we were told that this is company policy and we would have to put a complaint in to customer services.

Anyway, we finally ended up buying another machine from Tesco.
It was installed on Thurs 11th Feb.
The service we have received from them so far has been far superior to the service we received from Currys and guess what!!!



It was my day off today and after getting the kids off to school I made myself a cup of milky coffee and settled down to watch the downloads from last nights US airings of my favourite shows.
Thursday nights is Vampire Diaries night so that was the first one to see and I wasn’t dissapointed.


The episode was called Daddy Issues and we get to see plenty of Damon in the shower, wrapped in nothing but a bath towel and enjoying a soak in the tub.
As usual he ended up being very, very naughty but ultimately very, very irresistable.