Dish of the Weeks


OK, just heard some rather exciting news!!!
The new Superman has been cast.

Now I am a HUGE superman fan and I think I was, unfortunately, one of the few people who loved the casting of Brandon Routh in the role in the long awaited Superman Returns back in 2006.
Brandon did an amazing job filling the boots of Christopher Reeve and there in laid the problem.
I think he was too much like Reeve and he was forever being compared.
The franchise has remained in limbo ever since and Brandon’s contract to the franchise expired.

Now we were waiting once again for another decision to be made about a new movie and as usual, top of that decision pile was who would once again don the red cape.
Well, after a long wait and with no decision made on a script or title yet, the powers that be have actually made made one very important decision……. who will play Clark Kent.

Yes, I am a happy bunny!!
So here he is and subsequently Dish of the Week #20…..

Henry Cavill!!

Who? I hear you ask.

Well he as spent the last 4 years as one of Henry VIII’s closest friends, Charles Brandon in the Tudors.
He missed out to Christian Bale in the role of Batman.
He actually missed out to Brandon Routh in the last Superman movie.
He has also missed out to Daniel Craig in the James Bond role.
Is this guy unlucky or what!

Well hopefully his luck has changed and we will finally have our new Superman, one who will be given the chance for more than just one movie!
I’m also hoping they don’t overshadow him with BIG names as the bad guys like they did to poor Clooney’s Batman!

Waiting with baited breath for the first pictures!!

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