Month: January 2011


OK, just heard some rather exciting news!!!
The new Superman has been cast.

Now I am a HUGE superman fan and I think I was, unfortunately, one of the few people who loved the casting of Brandon Routh in the role in the long awaited Superman Returns back in 2006.
Brandon did an amazing job filling the boots of Christopher Reeve and there in laid the problem.
I think he was too much like Reeve and he was forever being compared.
The franchise has remained in limbo ever since and Brandon’s contract to the franchise expired.

Now we were waiting once again for another decision to be made about a new movie and as usual, top of that decision pile was who would once again don the red cape.
Well, after a long wait and with no decision made on a script or title yet, the powers that be have actually made made one very important decision……. who will play Clark Kent.

Yes, I am a happy bunny!!
So here he is and subsequently Dish of the Week #20…..

Henry Cavill!!

Who? I hear you ask.

Well he as spent the last 4 years as one of Henry VIII’s closest friends, Charles Brandon in the Tudors.
He missed out to Christian Bale in the role of Batman.
He actually missed out to Brandon Routh in the last Superman movie.
He has also missed out to Daniel Craig in the James Bond role.
Is this guy unlucky or what!

Well hopefully his luck has changed and we will finally have our new Superman, one who will be given the chance for more than just one movie!
I’m also hoping they don’t overshadow him with BIG names as the bad guys like they did to poor Clooney’s Batman!

Waiting with baited breath for the first pictures!!



What has the world got against us?
First the car cost us £200 and now the washing machine has packed in!

C’mon…. it’s not even February yet!!!

Have we done something to piss off the balance of things.
I can’t see how.
We’re still married after 16 years, we love our kids even though they sometimes drive us to ditraction, we both work our arses off at work, we don’t smoke, we’re lucky if we get out as a couple once every other month, we pay our bills, we keep a roof over our kids heads, food in their tummies and clothes on their backs…….
Financially we just don’t seem to ever get a break. It’s just not fair.
I listen to friends and family all the time having fun. They go on holidays and family days out. They’ve always got plans.
When I make plans and manage to get anywhere with saving for them, something comes along that means I have to redirect the funds and my kids miss out yet again.

I suppose I should be thankful that we are quite frugal and our bills are paid each month or planned for in advance but it doesn’t stop me being just a little bitter about our situation.

Right, got to go an buy a new washing machine…… with money from our house move pot. grrrrrr


Here we are again, the beginning of another year. Well, almost through the first month already!
What happened?
Where did the last year go?

Actually, as fast as the last year flew past I’m actually quite glad it’s gone.
It wasn’t a good year. It started off OK but quickly went downhill and as usual it was all down to finances.
We were caught out by some major car problems that blew all our plans and just as we were getting back on track we ended the year with another financial kick in the teeth that I’m not going to blog about.
OH yeah, the damn car cost us £200 last weekend, so this year hasn’t got off to the best of starts either.

Anyway, I’ve taken a good hard look at the finances for 2011. I have bills and savings pots planned to the penny and as long as we don’t get caught out by anymore unforseen events then 2011 ‘should’ be pretty good to us. Even with the tax raise! We just have to be extra careful.

It’s going to be a year for changes.
The kids have been back at school now for a couple of weeks and we are spending the next few days clearing out the cupboards and freezer of everything that is bad for us and then we are going to be an altogether healthier family.
I ‘plan’ to lose between 4 and 5 stone this year. I plan to get the kids to lean up a little. Just Dance and Just Dance 2 are going to come in very handy.

Then hopefully around March to April time we are going to be moving house!

So as with millions of people accross the country we have all got the best of intentions for the next year.
We’ll just have to see how it all goes.



Everybody does it at some time.
They see something or hear something that they love and then years later when they want to do it again they just can’t remember something important about it to be able to do it again!!

When I was little I took piano lessons. Nothing major. I gave up at grade 4 and just played for my own enjoyment. I got a digital piano when I was 21 and again played for my own enjoyment but moving from place to place and the lack of space meant that only lasted about 10 years and I haven’t played since. I even made the mistake of getting rid of all of my music.

There’s my problem.

My eldest daughter has taken an interest in playing the keyboard. She’s tried lessons but doesn’t have the patience for that at the moment. She happiest playing things by ear and taking tutorials off the internet, she just wants to play for fun and not be bound down by lessons and practicing.
She has a small keyboard that she loves and listening to her play around on it has re-awakened my own interest in wanting to get a another digital piano.
I would love to see what my daugher could do on a full sized keyboard!

Anyway, I used to love playing a certain piece of music and for the life of me I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT IT’S CALLED OR WHO IT’S BY!!!
I can still knock out bits of it on Murron’s keyboard from memory but I desperately need to know what it’s called.

Embarrassingly, I’ve loaded a dodgy video of me playing what I can remember on Youtube.
Please take a look and if you can identify it please let me know.



Here we are, speeding our way through January already.
We were hoping for a financial break this year but the car cost us £200 at the weekend so we are already behind.
Is this a taste of things to come this year? I really hope not!

Ian managed to get some overtime last week which is a bonus. It’s not something that’s usually on offer where he works at the moment.
I’m in the process of joining the Bank team at work. This is technically overtime but as the NHS doesn’t allow overtime it is classed as a second job and is taxed at a higher rate. Great, work your arse off and get penalised for it. Hey ho, need the extra money so I can’t complain.

I’m determined to get and keep the finances under control this year.
We have an opportunity to move in a few months but the rent on the new place is more than we are paying at the moment.
We’ve been budgeting the last three months as if we were already paying that amount so we’ve been saving into a house move pot. It’s made us realise just how tight things are going to be if we do actually make the move but at least we know we can cope with it……. just.

Back to the house move.
We found a house back in September time that is perfect for us. We weren’t deliberatly on the lookout for another house, it was just on a chance visit to our agency’s website that I noticed it. As it’s with our current rental agency there’s no need to go through all the financial stuff and references blah blah blah.
It has an extra bedroom which is exactly what we desperately need right now and as a bonus we get a garage and a driveway!
At the time we found it there was someone else who also found it and it turns out he only needed it for around six months. This actually helped us out a little. We could get Xmas out of the way and put some money away for the actual move.
So, around March/April time this other guy ‘should’ be giving up the property and we will get first refusal on it. There’s the niggle. We are now just hoping that this guy sticks to his original agreement and does actually move out. There’s not a lot we can do if he decides he wants to stay a bit longer.

OK, two days off. House is pretty tidy. Washing and ironing is all up to date. Just got to do a quick trip to Tesco and then I can continue with my Jericho marathon. I started it at the weekend.
It’s an incredible TV series with an amazing story all of it’s own when the fans tried to save it from being cancelled.
What did fans do?
As a shout-out to a line in the finale of the first season, fans sent nuts to CBS headquarters. Lots and lots and lots of nuts. Over 20 tonnes of nuts!
How successful was the campaign?
Twenty tons of nuts on the doorstep of CBS later, the second season was approved.
So it did get saved for one final season so they could wrap the story up but it’s such a shame they couldn’t stretch it out to a few more.

Anyway, this is eating into my ‘me time’. Better get the chores done.


OK, thinking about the last Dish of the Week made me realise I had forgotten someone very important since starting Dish of the Week.


David James Elliott.


For 10 years from 1995 through 2005 I watched him as he fought his way through case after case in his own gung ho and charming way.
To top it all off he was in the Navy and wore uniforms in every episode!
David was Lieutenant Harmon Rab when he started the series. He was promoted through various ranks and ended the series as a Captain.
He is 6 foot 4 with dazzling blue eyes and a cracking smile.
He is also a Tri-athlete, happilly married with 2 children and an avid charity fund raiser. Sickeningly perfect and absolutely gorgeous!


OK, it’s been a while since I added a dish of the week.
Xmas has come and gone way too fast.
We are now already a week into the new year.

I have been sitting on my computer all day feeling sorry for myself because I am fighting a tummy bug and I have a stinking cold to top it off. Happy New Year!!!

Anyway, I started thinking about my next dish of the week.
This time last year I was eagerly awaiting the finale season to The Tudors.
I must admit that I am really going to miss it this year.
It was a very slick and beautifully filmed drama.
Yes, it took ‘lots’ of liberties with historical facts at times but for the most part it was ‘there’ and to top it off it was filled with beautiful people. Most notably, Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII

Henry VIII has NEVER looked so sexy!

Yes, I am REALLY going to miss it.