Month: December 2010


Got up at the crack of dawn yesterday to get myself showered and dressed before waking the kids up at 6.
In true tradition the kids bounced out of bed and tore into their presents and as usual they got far too much…… but they are all worth it. Love em to bits.

Everyone then got dressed and we made our way over to Mum’s who cooked us a fried breaky.
At 9:30 I left the family to enjoy the rest of their day as I trundeled off to work.
The downside of working in a hospital. They have to run 24/7 365 days of the year so it’s only fair that you work the occasional Xmas. As this was my 3rd Xmas on the ward and I haven’t worked one yet I resigned myself to working it this year.
It would only be a short shift. 10 – 6 instead of my usual 12 1/2 hours.

Good old Mum decided to cook a late Xmas dinner and wait for me to get home but you know what they say about the best laid plans………
It turned out to be the busiest shift anyone can remember at Xmas.
I eventually left at 7.

Didn’t miss my dinner though and I spent the last few hours of Xmas day suitably stuffed and playing a new game on the WII with the kids and Grandad.

So here we are, Boxing Day.
Woke up at 9 and crept downstairs for a cuppa while the kids and hubster were still asleep.
They eventually stirred at about 9:30.
We are all off round to Mum’s again today where I plan to make up for having to work Xmas day.
The kids will run around for Mummy today.

OH yes! We’ve got Dr Who to look forward to as well. We recorded it last night.


Only one more sleep til Xmas!
Didn’t think we were going to make it for a while last week. Few problems with my eldest daughter. Nothing trivial and not something I’m going to blog about in detail. Needless to say she’s lucky she’s alive let alone getting any presents.
Anyway, it’s all sorted now, kind of. Time to put it all behind us and look forward to a fabulous Xmas and hopefully a better new year.

Work has been incredibly busy over the last few weeks.
It’s really frustrating and I wish I could do more sometimes.
That said, we have a great team on the ward and we are getting through it all.

This is my third Xmas on the ward and it’s the first one I’m going to be working. Only a short shift. 10 till 6.
My day will consist of getting up at the crack of dawn to get washed and dressed, getting the kids up to open presents then racing over to Mum’s for a fried breakfast before heading off to work. Mum is cooking a late Xmas dinner this year so I won’t be missing out on that either.

It’s funny but I’m actually quite looking forward to it.
I should have been there this morning though because we had a bunch of firement on the ward with Santa handing out presents!! NOT FAIR!

Anyway, hope everyone has a fabulous Xmas and I wish you all the best for the new year.

Now I’m going to go away and ponder who is going to make it as my final dish of the week for 2010.
Check back in to find out.


I had a lovely time in town with Mum yesterday.
I helped Mum pick a ring for Dad for Xmas and we generally browsed around before going to a Xmas tree festival being held in the church in the centre of town.

When we first arrived in town we parked in the multi storey. The spaces were all a bit tight so Mum got out of the car before I reversed into a space. We were failrly close to the car on the passenger side but there was plenty of room on the drivers side of that car so they wouldn’t have a problem getting into the car when they returned. I know this….. BECAUSE I AM CONSIDERATE AND I CHECKED.

There was plenty of room for me to get out of my car after I had finished parking.
We left the car park and the first thing we did was walk through the tiny Friday market where we picked up a great deal on three bunches of flowers. It was an offer too good to miss and because we didn’t want to carry these around town for the rest of the day we decided to go put them in the car.

When we arrived at the car I couldn’t believe my eyes.
The car that HAD been on my drivers side had gone and some Moron in a 4×4 had parked there.
However, they had parked so close to my car that I could barely walk between them let alone get my door open enough to get in! Even my Mum who is a lot slimmer than me couldn’t get in on my side.
To get out of their car they had obviously had to get out of their passenger side.
There was absolutely no consideration to my car that was now pinned in on BOTH sides!!

I was worried that if this idiot returned before we got back, he might try getting in on the drivers side of his car and damage the paintwork on my car, so we decided to move the car into a better space.
The only problem was getting into the car to be able to move it.
In the end, the only option was to get Mum to SQUEEZE into the passenger side. She had to remove her thick coat to do this and I held my hand on the door so we didn’t damage the other car because again, I AM CONSIDERATE AND I DIDN’T WANT TO DAMAGE THE OTHER CAR!
She then slid over into the drivers seat.
You have to understand that my Mum doesn’t drive and I was asking her to control a Ford Mondeo as it rolled forward out of the parking bay!
Anyway, she did it and now she knows where the brake is on a car!

But seriously, what kind of idiot parks a car with no consideration to the cars around them….



Well here we are…. the second day of advent already.

I’m coming to the end of a 2 week stretch of annual leave.
I have 99.9 percent of my Xmas shopping and preparations done. Just waiting for a couple of deliveries to arrive and Tesco still haven’t got their big gammon joints in!!
Sausage rolls are made and in the freezer, tree is up and outdoor lights are up although annoyingly two sections of my white cherries didn’t come on last night so I’m going to have to sort them out later. I hate searching for broken bulbs!

Oh yes, I’ve spent far too much!

It actually snowed again here this morning so I enjoyed a lovely walk to school with Dharma.
Don’t think the snow is going to last long though. The rest of the country is at a standstill and up to their knees in the stuff but Bedford can only manage a couple of centimetres. It’s actually quite pathetic.

I have gutted every room in the house over the last week. I really do mean gutted! The amount of crap we’ve gotten rid of is unbelievable. How can one family accumulate so much clutter in just one year?
I’ve boxed up a few things in preparation for our expected move around March/April and I’ll be boxing mad after Xmas. We’re going to take the dining table down and use the dining room for box storage.
My house hasn’t looked this organised for months!

I’m applying for bank work at the hospital this week.
As it stands, since starting my 12.5 hour shifts, I do 3 shifts a week over 3 weeks and 4 shifts in one week to make up my full time hours for the month.
If I do bank work I can easily do three more full 12.5 hour shifts over the 3 weeks I only do 3 shifts and If I can get Sister Julie to give me 2 more weekend days a month on top of the two I usually get that should bump up my paycheck just enough to make our budget workable without being a squeeze.

Right, going to have a tidy up and clean the bathroom and that’s it for the house. I can enjoy my last few days off without worrying about clutter and mess.
I’m going to see the Xmas tree festival at St Paul’s Church In Bedford tomorrow with Mum.
Might even consider buying a Xmas present for Ian although we’ve already overspent this Xmas.
What the hell, we can sort it out after the new year.