Dish of the Weeks


I have the next two weeks off work. I did the same this time last year and it was perfect for getting all the Xmas shopping done and wrapped. I got the house sorted and put the decorations up before going back to work and that is exactly what I plan to do this year.

I have also decided to watch one of my favourite shows from the start again.
A show that was tragically cut short and it would have been a lot shorter had it not been for the incredibly inventive campaign by it’s fans to get it back on the air again. Just google ‘Jericho nuts campaign’ to see what I mean.
However, the show suffered badly due to the writers strike at the time and never regained it’s momentum. It came to a fairly rushed ending after two seasons which is a shame because it it had loads of potential.

It also had some gorgeous actors.
So in honor of a sorely missed show, this weeks dish (dishes) of the week go to Jake and Stanley.

AKA Skeet Ulrich and Brad Beyer

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