Month: November 2010


I have the next two weeks off work. I did the same this time last year and it was perfect for getting all the Xmas shopping done and wrapped. I got the house sorted and put the decorations up before going back to work and that is exactly what I plan to do this year.

I have also decided to watch one of my favourite shows from the start again.
A show that was tragically cut short and it would have been a lot shorter had it not been for the incredibly inventive campaign by it’s fans to get it back on the air again. Just google ‘Jericho nuts campaign’ to see what I mean.
However, the show suffered badly due to the writers strike at the time and never regained it’s momentum. It came to a fairly rushed ending after two seasons which is a shame because it it had loads of potential.

It also had some gorgeous actors.
So in honor of a sorely missed show, this weeks dish (dishes) of the week go to Jake and Stanley.

AKA Skeet Ulrich and Brad Beyer



I’ve just had the week off work.
Not that it was originally meant to be off work!
You see, I was informed that I had too much annual leave left to take after Xmas so they asked me to take another week before Xmas and this was the only week left available to me.

It’s been a strange few weeks.
Three weeks ago I was off work sick. I had the head cold from hell. My head literally felt like it was going to explode. My ears felt like my head was under water and my eyes just wouldn’t stop streaming.
As bad as I felt I didn’t get a cough and I didn’t have a sore throat.

Two weeks ago I was back at work.
I was a lot better than I had been the week before but still not 100% My ears still felt like I had my head under water.

This week I was on annual leave and along comes the chesty cough and the husky voice. Apart from that I feel fine.
I have managed to get most of my Xmas shopping done and wrapped though so I’m ahead of schedule by about two weeks.

I have three long shifts coming up this coming week and after that I’m on 2 weeks of planned annual leave!
This was when I had planned to do my Xmas shopping and basically get everything ready for Xmas and get my decs up before I go back to work.
I’m now ahead of schedule. Yay!

I had hoped to get the gardens tidied up a bit this week but the weather has been so wet it just hasn’t been possible.
Hopefully we’ll get a few dry days on my next 2 weeks off to tackle this little job (not actually so little!)

I’m actually working on Xmas day this year!!!
Can’t complain though. I work on a children’s ward in a hospital. Hospital’s run 365 days a year, 24 hours a day so someone has to work Xmas day. I’m lucky that I managed to get away with it the last 2 Xmas’s so I was fully prepared to work it this year.
It’s going to be hard though. I’ve never worked a Xmas day before and I certainly haven’t been without my kids since they’ve been born. I’ll probably only be doing a short shift though, 10 – 6, so I’ll be there when they open their pressies in the morning. Going to try and talk Mum into doing a late Xmas dinner for a change. We’ll see.

Other than all this, I haven’t really done much except relax and try and get my energy back again.
I think I’ve just about got there.


Just scraped Dharma off the floor and Marjorie off the sofa where they fell asleep whilst watching Take That.
Murron spent the night round Nan’s.

Had a visit earlier from some old friends, Mick and Chris. Really must call them more often. Looking forward to them coming back round before Xmas for a games night.

Now going to spend a couple of hours channel hopping.
Got to get some serious washing and ironing done tomorrow before going back to work on Monday. It’s OK though because I have Tues and Weds off! Gotta love long days.