Month: September 2010


OK, I said that this week I would delve into Hotties from the golden era of movies but after some sad news today I think they can wait until next week because this weeks Dish of the Week is a homage to the late great Tony Curtis.

Some of my favourite golden era movies starred Tony Curtis.
The vikings


The incredible Some Like it Hot.
Only a man very comfortable with his own sexuality would have contemplated making this one!

Shame he only got one Oscar for his role alongside Sidney Poitier in The Defiant Ones.

I may just have to go back and watch a few now. I haven’t watched any really old movies for ages!

RIP Tony Curtis – 30/09/2010


It was my daughter’s birthday on Tuesday. She decided she wanted to have a few friends round on Saturday afternoon but she wanted her best friend to go to the cinema with her in the morning and stay over in the evening.

So, on friday I got lots of nibbles and goodies in and there was £10 left in the budget so she could go to one of the saturday morning £1 kids club movies at the local Cineworld and then go to Macdonalds afterwards.
Or so we thought.

On Friday evening we had a quick look at the Cineworld website for film times.
The film she chose was Marmaduke and it was on at 11am for one showing on saturday.
So, a kids film, one showing on a saturday morning, info at the bottom of the rest of the movie times with all the other Saturday morning films so anyone having just a quick look at the site for times would naturally think that it was a kids club movie.

Anyway, we got to the cinema, I went in to make sure they got their ticket and went in to the screening.
I was a little gobsmacked when they asked me for £9.80!
I questioned the price and was told Marmaduke was NOT a kids club movie.
Great! and all the kids club movies had already started.

The kids decided to go and see the film and forego their Macdonalds but I was not a happy bunny.
I saw the kids safely into the screening and demanded to see the manager.
I explained the situation and that the website was NOT clear and very misleading and that they had ruined my daughter’s birthday treat and what would they do about it?

They were not very simpathetic. They printed off a very pathetic BLACK AND WHITE copy of the website on a printer that clearly needed more ink, to try to show me where it stated that a movie was a ‘movie for juniors’ film. In my eyes that did not clarify anything or change the fact that we did not see it when we looked the previous evening. I argued my point but did not get anywhere. I was so angry I left the cinema and went home intent on having a very good look at the website again.

I eventually found it.
On the main film listing page, if you scroll down to the bottom where all the kids films are, the films are all listed in exactly the same way as every other film on the listing, on a blue background, and just underneath the times for the Movie for Junior listing and in the tiniest GREEN letters it states ‘movies for juniors’


I showed it to a couple of people who looked and they even had to have it pointed out to them because it was so unclear.
Yes, there is a drop down on the left that you have to hunt for where you find a seperate page that explains ‘Movies for Juniors’ but when you’re just looking for a film time you don’t go looking for things like that.

I decided to phone the customer services line where I argued my point with the assistant on the other end of the line until she called her manager. I then argued my point with the manager and basically said that they’d ruined my daughter’s day because their website was so ambiguous.
What kind of designer puts tiny green lettering on a blue background!!?
I told them it wouldn’t take much to put the ‘Movie’s for juniors’ into their own coloured box on the SAME page as the film times and to actually title the box ‘Movies for Juniors’.
This would make it 100 times easier to identify the £1 films and not dissapoint anyone else.

The manager was courtious, said he’d contact the web design people to see if anything could be changed, apologised if we’d been mislead in anyway and offered us two complimentary tickets which I accepted.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that my daughter’s morning was ruined and she felt like she’d been ripped off and there was no apology from the manager of the cinema itself!

Cineworld Bedford, you should be ashamed and I will be keeping an eye on the website to make sure there are changes made.


I completely missed this last week so I have to come up with something special this week.
After a long hard think about it, I’ve decided to gush over hotties past.
This week it will be TV shows that have bitten the dust and are sorely missed and then next week I may go into golden era movie stars.

So, who’s first this week?

OK, who could forget E.R.? It ran for 15 years! It brought us the scrumminess that is George Clooney.

and when George left the show he was replaced by another scrumptious fella. Goran Visnjic.

Ah yes, we miss E.R

So who’s next?
Back in 2006 we were introduced to Kyle. A young boy who wakes up in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no memories and in the opening scene he has absolutely no clothes and we later find out he has no belly button!
What he does have is super intelligence and abilities so it doesn’t take him long to impact on the family that adopts him.
17 year old Kyle was played by the ‘butter would melt in his mouth’ 24 year old Matt Dallas.

Next is Dominic Purcell who is best known for his recent portrayal of Lincoln Burrows in Prison Break but he is here now because of a show called ‘John Doe’
The show was about a man who knows ‘everything’ except his own name and who he is and where he came from.
Ask him anything, he can tell you the answer. The only clue he has is a tattoo of a symbol. He stumbles into helping the police on various cases while trying to figure out his own past.
The show was amazing but sadly didn’t get past it’s first season and left us on one hell of a cliffhanger!

Next is ‘The Pretender’ Otherwise known as Michael T Weiss.
This was a show about a mega intelligent boy who was taken away from his family at the age of 6 and institutionalised for 30 years. His ability to become whatever he wants was used help ‘The Centre’  do some pretty nasty things. Then as the beginning of the show states ‘Their Pretender ran away’
The show follows Jarod as he tries to evade capture while helping the innocent get justice. He becomes a different person for every episode. From surgeons to pilots and firefighters.

Next is Jake…. Jake 2.0

Yes I was trying to do the Bond thing!
This show is about Jake Foley who is a computer technician for the NSA who secretly longs for a chance to work in the field. Circumstance puts him in a top secret laboratory, in the middle of a shootout between security guards and a saboteur. During the battle, a vial containing an experimental serum explodes, covering Jake with shrapnel. But it turns out that the serum is actually nanomites, microscopic submachines that heal his injuries and alter his body. Upon discovering his new mind-boggling powers, Jake begins to operate at an atomic level, possessing superhuman strength, lightning-fast speed, heightened hearing, magnified vision and the ability to communicate telepathically with computers. The NSA soon realizes Jake is an untested asset and forms a Special Ops team with him at its core.

Jake was played by Christopher Gorham who is probably best know for his recent appearance in Ugly Betty. He was perfect for Jake with quite an awqward geeky kind of look that is actually quite endearing and underneath that shirt it turns out he’s actually quite well built too!

OK, this is getting quite difficult so this next one will have to be the last one.
Back in 1999 a show that rivaled E.R. popped onto out screens called ‘Third Watch’

The show was about the exploits of a group of men and women who served the City of New York as police officers, firemen, and paramedics in the fictional 55th Precinct.
It was fast paced and exciting and ran for 6 years. Amongst the many faces that came a went throughout the show, one face was a constant. A firefighter played by Eddie Cibrian.
He was lovely. He’s kept himself busy since the show ended. He landed another fantastic series called ‘Invasion’ that as with John doe didn’t make it past it’s first series and left us with an incredible cliffhanger. He is currently to be seen as ‘Jesse Cardoza’ in CSI Miami. When he smiles he has incredible dimples! Let’s not forget that he is also incredibly well built.

OK, that’s enough gushing for this week.
Next week I’ll be dipping into the Golden era of movies. Not quite so many shirtless and half naked men but never the less some extremely handsome ones.


Earlier this year we celebrated my Nan’s 90th birthday. One of the gifts she got was a £70 gift card for Marks and Spencers. It’s been sat in her purse ever since so today me and my mum decided to take her into town to spend a little. She decided to fill her freezer with some of her favourite food from Marks and Spencer.

So, we spent a while wondering around and filling up the shopping basket. As the food tills were extremely busy we took our shopping over to the Per Una counter who said that as long as we didn’t have anything to weigh they could take the food.
Anyway, when my nan went to pay she passed me the little card wallet that we thought was the gift card but we just couldn’t figure out how to get the bloody card out! There seemed to be no way of getting at the card at all. Even the woman on the till tried with no luck. She said that she had never seen that particular kind of wallet before and took it over to a floor manager for advise.
The floor manager came over and said that unfortunately what we had was not the card. There should have been something else inside the wallet.
The Marks and Spencer receipt we had for the gift card had no shop ID on it so we were told to find out where it was purchased and take it to them to see what they could do!

I was gobsmacked and I said to the woman that there was a code on the bottom of the receipt and she should be able to contact someone in head office and find out where the card was purchased and then give the store a call for advise. She refused. Apparantly Marks and Spencer aren’t liable for ‘missing’ cards. The fact that we believed at the time that we hadn’t been given the card in the first place was of no consequence to them. She basically told us that we had probably lost £70.

When we got back to Nan’s house Auntie Kim turned up a said that cousin Sian had purchased the card so she gave her a ring. After talking to Sian, something she said about the purchase clicked and we took another look at the gift card and within 5 seconds we had freed the gift card from it’s wallet. What a fiasco!

The most infuriating part of all this is that the assistants in the Bedford store had no clue as to how these cards and their wallets work and we were made to look like complete idiots and my 90 year old Nan was humiliated when she had to leave her shopping at the counter!

I feel sorry for the store now though because Auntie Karen is going in to complain about it all tomorrow and she takes no prisoners!


It’s silly isn’t it?
Here I am, on my day off, browsing around on the internet and having a cuppa and all I can think about is one thing.
I’m actually getting butterflies in my tummy because I am just a tad excited.


The premier epsisode of Vampire Diaries season 2 airs tonight in the US!

There’s only one downside for me however and that is, it won’t actually be online for me to download until Friday morning and I’m working Friday!!! So I will have to wait to watch it until tomorrow night…… bummer.

There’s one more thing adding to my excitement. My copy of Prince of Persia Blu Ray was posted yesterday. It probably won’t turn up until Monday (when it’s actually due for release)  but there is always a chance it could show up on Saturday. It’s happened before so it could happen again!. I can but hope.


It’s been very difficult to pin just one down this week.
The fall season of my favourite TV shows from the US kicks off on Thursday night with the premier episode of season 2 of The Vampire Diaries. This is hottly followed by most of the big US dramas from around the 22nd Sept.
My brain has been all of a pickle just thinking about all the scrummy goodness coming my way over the next few months and I can’t wait to see how they are going to wrap up some of the previous seasons cliffhangers.

So! This week there’s not just one but a top ten of TV tasties to feast your eyes upon.

#1, and still a firm favourite is Ian Somerhalder, aka Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Dairies

#2, the leader of the Nerd Herd and wonderfully comical Secret Agent Chuck is Zachary Levi.

#3 and another fabulously funny actor is Nathan Fillion currently seen as Richard Castle in Castle.

#4 is Alex O’Loughlin who will be seen as the New Detective Steve McGarrett in the remake of Hawaii Five 0

#5 is Mathew Bomer who first came to my attention in Chuck. He now plays Neal Caffrey in White Collar.

#6 is Josh Hopkins from the fabulously funny Cougar Town.

#7 is from Grays Anatomy. Nicknamed McDreamy is Patrick Dempsey. Couldn’t resist this photo of him with his twin baby boys!

#8 and following McDreamy from the same show is Mc Steamy, Eric Dane.

#9 is Tom Welling, aka Clark Kent in Smallville. This season is the last one so he has GOT to fly, he just has to! We have also got to see the costume. It’s been hinted at already with the parcel from his Mother. I only hope the show doesn’t just die there as there is a fabulous opportunity for a Justice League spin off. We can but hope.

#10 and not one who is returning this season but who will be extremely missed this season is Jonathan Rhys Meyers, aka Henry VIII in The Tudors. This epic show came to a tearjerking end last season and I am really going to miss it. I am looking forward to the Blu Ray complete series box set however.

There you have it and there are lots more I could have chosen.
Time to get back to Vampire Diaries Blu Ray. Hi Def Damon…. yum!













Really am getting just a bit schoolgirl giggly over this one. Can’t wait. Damon looks hotter than ever.

The Blu Ray of the first season is winging it’s way to me as I write this. Can’t wait! Damon Salvatore in High Def…. mmmmm
Just enough time to watch the entire first season all over again….. just as a re-cap you understand!!!