Dish of the Weeks


If you’ve just found my site please don’t get the wrong idea!
I don’t drool over hotties all the time.
It may look like it from the last few posts but if you read my first post you’ll realise why.
My old blog site is closing it’s doors after I’ve been using it for over 4 years and as ‘Dish of the Week’ was a fairly recent adition to that blog, I decided to carry it over to this blog site.

So! Now that I’m all caught up from the old site it’s time for my first Dish of the week from this blog site.
So who shall it be?………

Alex O’Laughlin!

Scrumptious lead Vampire in the too short lived Moonlight series… I have a thing for vampires.
Recently seen in The Backup Plan with Jennifer Lopez…. a film I have still to see.
The new Detective Steve McGarrett in the re-working of Hawaii Five-0 set to air this autumn…… let’s hope it’s good.

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