I woke up with all good intentions today.
I am still sat at my computer at 13:00 and I’m actually dressed in my scruffs for gardening.

The problem is…… I just don’t want to!

I spent all day yesterday helping the kids to valet both the cars and today was supposed to be a start on the gardening after the winter, but I’m working the next two days, 12.5 hour shifts, and I really can’t be arsed!

I am however, getting on top of some washing.
Other than that, I’m quite happy with a bottle of Bud, Versailles is playing in the background for it’s 5th run of the series, and I’m quite happy just wasting time and chillin’ on the computer.

The problem is…… the garden is desperately in need of some work.
I have neglected it over the last two years because of my University work, and the grass hasn’t seen a mower since Sept last year!
It’s beginning to look a bit like a jungle.
There are weeds sprouting through the paving slabs. The grass will be up to my knees before long, and the borders are just weeds.

I know that when I actually start to get stuck into it, I will get it done.
Today is not that day however.

I’m in the mood for a Dish of the Week update, but I am at a loss for who to do at the moment…….. however, I may have just had an epiphony, so watch this space.


The sun has started to show itself again and the summer is very nearly upon us.

With the sun comes a change in clothes.
No jackets, lighter tops, no tops, pretty colours, shorter trousers and skirts. Dresses.

People seem more relaxed when the sun shines and it’s lovely to find a nice pub and just sit and watch the world go by.

However, I have one little niggle that gets to me every year.
Pay close attention.


Get the picture.
WHY, WHY, WHY, do people feel the need the wear socks with sandals, sliders and flip flops?…… WHY?

It’s just not right.
DON’T DO IT!!!!!


Having a look through the BBC news site, I came across an article about films being shown at the Cannes Film Festival this year.
I came across the following……

“The French festival – billed as ‘The Olympics of cinema’ will open with a screening of Jim Jarmusch’s zombie comedy The Dead Don’t Die, which contains a star-studded cast including Bill Murray, Iggy Pop and Selena Gomez, as well as Tilda Swinton and Tom Waits”.



Image result for ANGRY ADAM DRIVER GIF


Two and a half years after starring in Paterson…….

a film about a poetry writing bus driver called Paterson from Paterson, New Jersey and directed by Jim Jarmusch, Adam Driver is once again being directed by Jim in zombie movie ‘The Dead Don’t Die’.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a huge zombie fan.
That said, I enjoyed ‘Zombieland’ and funny enough, ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ also stars one of the cast from that very film. Bill Murray.

“The peaceful town of Centerville finds itself battling a zombie horde as the dead start rising from their graves”.
Doesn’t sound like anything special……. except it’s directed by Jim Jarmusch and stars Adam and Bill.

Of course, I will be going to see this film. Adam is in it! Why wouldn’t I, and just look at the other cast listed in it.

And with Jim’s quirky way of filming, I am in no doubt that this film will be well worth the watch.

The film will be premiering at, and actually opening the Cannes Film Festival this May, and Adam has been confirmed as attending the festival yet again. He has a bit of a history at the festival with ‘Paterson’ in 2016 being nominated for the Palme d’Or and ‘BlackKklansman’ in 2018 winning the Grand Prize of the Jury and also getting a nomination for Palme d’Or.

Good luck Adam and Jim!


Yesterday saw the release of the first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode IX
They really know how to fan the flames of fandom and get everyone speculating and throwing around theories for the next 8 months while we patiently wait for the release date in December!

So, just in case you missed it last night…….

Short and sweet but definitely not enough.
Of course the internet has been going mental. Lots of speculation and theories already flying around, so here are a few that have caught my attention, with a bit of my own mixed in.

First of all, we FINALLY have a title.

People are already assuming that this is referring to a single person when in fact, I think it reads more like a ‘title’ than a ‘name’.
Could we in fact, be seeing the rise of a new Jedi based order?

The beginning of the trailer sees Rey facing off against Kylo in his Tie Silencer and literally had me hyper-ventilating.
However, the more I watched, the more I thought, ‘he’s not firing at her!’
If it was his intention to annihilate her, and knowing his temper, he’d be all guns blazing on his attack run and he’s not!
This begs the question…. are they working together? Could he be training her?
Also, what planet is this? We see rocky outcrops so, in my mind it can only be one of two places. Tatooine or Jedha.

One of the best shots of the teaser!!
This begs the question, WHO is Kylo impressively body slamming into the ground?
Worryingly in my mind, it looks like one of his Knights of Ren and he is also fighting alongside stormtroopers.
All I know is that Adam has me salivating. He is a powerhouse of a man and this move is strangely exciting!

Who is fixing Kylo’s helmet.
Those are definitely not Kylo’s hands.
Obviously people are assuming that Kylo starts to wear the helmet again now that he has seemingly made his choice between the light and the dark.
What if we have an imposter? A wannabe trying to take on the mantle of the new Supreme Leader?

And here’s where the Disney marketing machine gets involved.
I see Xmas sales of BB8’s new friend rocketing when the toys go on sale before Xmas. I believe his name is D-0. If he is as cute and funny as BB8, the kids are going to go crazy for him.

What is the significance of the medal?
We haven’t seen this medal since the end of ‘A New Hope’ where they were given in the ceremony at the end of the film, to Luke and Han.
Who is holding it? It certainly looks like it could be Leia.

WOW, just WOW.
That is a downed Death Star.
But it begs the question…. which one?
After this scene is immediately followed by the ominous cackling of Emperor Palpatine, it is already assumed to be the second Death Star that was felled in Return of the Jedi and therefore this is the planet of Endor.
We know from a certain Ewok film from the 80’s, that Endor does indeed have seas, it’s not just thick forrest.
But is it actually Palpatine? or is it an old holo-recording? or…… is it a clone?!

And finally……….Leia!!
Looks like JJ is delivering on his promise of not using CGI to re-create Carrie.
He promised faithfully to use footage that had already been shot for The Force Awakens and then to actually write a script around them so that she would actively be a part of this final movie.
A fitting tribute and one that I am sure will have fans in tears!

So there you have it.
No doubt they will keep us waiting a few more months for the full trailer.
We will just have to make do with this for now.

Looks like Kylo sees plenty of battle in this one!

As much a I hate the fact we still have 8 months to go, I really do love the build up to the release date.
And at least I can really enjoy it this year. No Uni worries. I can waste as much time as I want on totally geeking out!!


So! After a day a lovely day at work that ended with a manic last couple of hours, I came home to a new Star Wars teaser trailer and movie title.

The Rise of Skywalker!!

I cannot process this right now. I’m just too tired.
I’ve seen a few theories kicking around on Tumblr already. Think I’ll take a closer look tomorrow and post a few.

Now the fun really starts!!!


Today could be the day!

Yesterday, fans from all over the world started gathering for the annual Star Wars Celebration and this year, it’s in Chicago.

Today, on the main stage between 11 and 12 is the Episode IX panel.
With only 8 months to go until the film is released, fans are hoping that the actual title of the film is going to be dropped and praying that we get, at the very least, a teaser trailer!!

I can’t wait!!
I am at work today until 20:00. Chicago is approx 6 hours behind us. So, 17:00 to 18:00 my time is when we could be hearing some really exciting news. Just in time for a dinner break!!
Well, it’s exciting for me!!

Watch this space.