The importance of ‘chillin’ is really sinking in today.
I have vowed that, as tough as the next year is going to be, I’m going to ‘chill’ and do whatever the f##k I please, as much as possible.

My Cineworld Unlimited card is going to play a HUGE part in that.
It’s something I can do with the hubby, with my kids, or even on my own if I have to.

I will remember to take time out just for me.
Put the books down, step away from the computer, and chill.

Friday was the first such day.
Peter Rabbit finally made it to UK cinemas.

Yes, Peter actually came with us on Friday evening.

Peter Rabbit

Nobody batted an eyelid as an insane 40 (nearly 50 ) something year old woman walked into the cinema with a rabbit under her arm!!

The film was wonderful.
It was actually a lot better than I thought it would be and it was made all the more enjoyable by listening to the kids in the cinema, laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Tomorrow is another Uni day. Our forst introduction to one of the Units for the year and we should also be receiving our skills logs.
So I’ll have more of an idea of the things I need to tackle at work and be able to discuss with my mentor and work colleagues about how I’m going to achieve them!!

It’s going to be a very intense year and I will apologise now for using my blog as a sounding board whenever I need to have a little scream!!!


Today had been a disaster.
The fiasco with Marjorie’s appointment. See previous blog.
MRI results for me, confirming that my knee is well and truly f###ed and I will be needing a new knee at some point in my future but until I am not able to use my knee and I am a burden to the government with benefits because I can’t work, they won’ t replace it….. go figure!!!
Ian has been tooing and froing between physio and muscular skeletal for the last year¬† + because of his shoulder and now because both confirm that he has a problem with his neck as well as his shoulder, he has to go back to the GP to be referred officially for the neck. So another 2-3 month wait before anything is done…. frustrating.

Deep breath……

I spent yesterday, printing off paperwork for Uni.
Tomorrow is going to be a f##k it day.
I am going to do nothing except look forward to a cinema trip with Ian and two of our girls to see Peter Rabbit.

Of course, Peter will be going with us!!


I am looking forward to a carefree evening.
Being completely silly before I have to go to work on Saturday.

I think, being silly whenever I can is going to be really important this coming year.
It’s going to keep me sane.!!

Watch out famalam!!


Why is it, that in this country, you are considered to be an adult at 18 years old.

You can drive.

You can get married.

You can drink.

You can get credit cards and loans.

You can live independently of your parents. I can even give my child 28 days notice of eviction (Don’t tell my kids!!!)

But when it comes to medical treatment, even though they won’t talk to me as a parent without my child’s consent, they are still classed as children until they are 19!!!

So annoyed with a wasted day today. We needed to make an appointment for Marjorie to see a Gastro specialist to confirm whether or not she has Coeliac disease.

The online booking system gave us 3 options with the shortest wait being at a local private hospital, so we booked it, only to receive a letter saying they don’t take ‘children’ under 19!!!

A couple of days later we received an appointment anyway and attended it today. We were told the appointment didn’t exist and that this letter should have been received before the letter we received telling us they don’t do kids under 19.

So now poor Marjorie has another 2 month wait!!

Poor Marjorie is devastated, she just wants confirmation and she took an afternoon out of college to attend it.

Thankfully I’m on a day off or I would have been well and truly hacked off too!!


So, we went to a ‘secret’ screening at the cinema tonight.
It’s always a bit exciting not knowing what you’re actually going to be watching and I have to admit that there are a few films coming in the next few weeks I really have no interest in.

Cough!! ‘Isle of Dogs’ Cough, cough!!

However, I did a bit of research for films due by the end of March because ‘normally’ these screenings are due for release only a week, or maybe two, later.

So I went into the show tonight hoping that it would be Peter Rabbit!!

It wasn’t.

But I wasn’t disappointed.

My research didn’t go quite far enough. I should have dipped into April.

It was ‘Love, Simon’ and it was brilliant!!
The frightening power of social media which actually makes the subject of this film all the more harder!

I really don’t envy kids having to make decisions like this these days.
I just wish they could all do it without having to be this scared.

Love, Simon is a really sweet, heartwarming and funny film.
The teachers, particularly the Drama teacher, absolutely cracked me up!!

So go have a date with Simon in April!!


After a relatively depressing first day at University, as the scale of the next year really hits home, I’m sat here already onto my second glass of wine!!

To try and gloss over the day, I’ve been catching up with some Youtube favourites.

Not a lot of people will know that an interest of mine is Swimming, diving and gymnastics.
Believe it or not, I used to do gymnastics!! I really enjoyed vaulting.

When it comes to competitions and the Olympics, I have always favoured swimming, diving and gymnastics.
Forget track and field events and winter olympics. As exiting as they are, I just love swimming, diving and gymnastics.

Two of my favourite Vloggers are Tom Daley and Nile Wilson.
Such enthusiastic and incredibly talented young men with a personality that just bubbles over into their Vlogs.

Both had new Vlogs to catch up on today.
Tom has been competing in China. His first official competition of the year and his first Vlog tackled jet lag!!

However, it was a Vlog from Nile Wilson that struck home.

In this Vlog he talks about the importance at looking where you came from and where you are now to truly understand how far you’ve come!!

As I sat here and thought about the last ten years, I have stunned myself into submission.

Ten years ago, after being a stay home mum for over 12 years, I was in the right place at the right time to find a job that I had no idea I would end up loving.
Paediatric Health Care Assistant.
Yes it’s tough and there are days where I wonder what I’m actually achieving, but when all is said and done, I do love my job and the people I work with and I wonder where I would be now If I’d found it 25 years ago!!

When I look at how the job has changed for me personally in the last 10 years, I began to understand exactly how much I’ve learnt.

I got the job with no official qualifications.
My job was very basic.
Help to keep people happy. Clean and make beds. Do basic observations and make sure the stock levels are OK.

In ten years, the amount I’ve learnt is unfathomable.
I can now look after a surgical patient from admission to discharge. The only thing I can’t do, because I’m not ‘qualified’ is pick them up from theatre and give them pain relief.
If anything out of the ordinary is required for ordering, I’m the ‘go to’ person and I know what all the stock is for!
If Doctors need help, I’m the ‘go to’ person If I’m around.
I now officially have a level 3 qualification to back up my on the job learning that I did a couple of years ago and I have been gently pushed by several work collegues to take things a little further, which is how I ended up doing the new ‘Trainee Nursing Associate’ foundation degree.

It’s a two year course which will see me able to do ‘some’ medications and I will have a pin number and be totally accountble for my actions.
A scary prospect, but one I feel ready for.
It will at least mean that I can completely take surgical patients from admission to discharge and be recognised in my pay band for the work I do.

I found the first year at level 4 a real challenge but I managed it. I passed with ‘A’s and ‘B’s and only one ‘C’.
I must admit, I impressed myself.


Today I started year two. We had a run down of what is expected this year and got our timetable of events that re-iterated the little melt down I had a couple of days ago.

As I drove home, I wondered if it was all worth it and then I watched Nile’s Vlog about looking back and taking stock of what you’ve achieved and I realised just how much I’ve grown personally in my unexpected career and I realised, ‘I CAN DO THIS!!’

It’s going to be an incredibly tough year but at the end of the day….. It’s only a year!!

I may have a few wobbles along the way but I know that I have the support I need from work collegues.
This time next year I will be qualified.
I ‘WILL’ be picking those patients up from theatre.
And I know I’ll be a hell of a lot more relaxed!!!


The husband is in the bad books this morning.
I actually can’t believe he said what he just said.

As a Star Wars fan I shared a post on Facebook last night of two young girls playing Beat Sabre VR which I thought was awesome. I really would love to have a go.

However, when I showed it to the hubby this morning, he thought it was cool too but as we watched he went on to comment that as these were obviously meant as a bit of advertising for the game, wasn’t it strange how they’d chosen two young girls showing a bit of skin!

Image result for oh no you didnt gif

I’ve just been online to find a man playing the same game.


Now you tell me, who’s showing more skin?!!

After watching a few ‘men’ playing the game, all I see is the fact that they’ve chosen two feisty young women who are absolutely ‘smashing’ the game, doing it in style and beating the crap out of any man trying to do the same.

The hubby was absolutely flaberghasted when I lost my shit at him.
He kept trying to defend what he’d said and just kept digging a bigger hole.
I’m really disappointed in him.


I’ve just watched the winner of this years Best Documentary Feature Oscar.¬†Icarus.


I suppose you could say it was a documentarian’s dream.
What started out as a man who wanted to uncover the truth about doping in sports ends up with a geopolitical thriller and an Oscar winner.

Bryan Fogel is an American film director, producer, author and playwright, however, from childhood, a passion of his was cycling.
He pushed himself to the limits and became friends with many famous cyclists.
When Lance Armstrong was caught for doping, Bryan wanted to find out how this was possible.

Lance had taken over 500 dope tests throughout his career and passed every single one.

He teamed up with a top American scientist to start a regime of his own and improve his own performance and prove that dope checks can be beaten, but after 6 months, the scientist pulls out of the experiment because he’s worried about his career and suggests a Russian scientist to replace him.
This is where the documentary changes pace and goes in a whole unexpected direction and is actually quite frightening!!

Highly recommend a watch.
It’s a Netflix film and available to watch now.