First of all…. GUNS!!

Come on America.
Enough is enough!!
Time to get rid of them don’t you think?

”’But you can’t do that. It’s in our constitution. It’s our right to have them””

It’s not impossible (just go and read about Article V) and let’s face it, it’s in need of an update, don’t you think?
Or have I stepped on a few million toes and spoken out of line.
I don’t give a f##k really.

And I’m sorry…. for all the people out there that are saying about this latest school shooting, that the person was mentally ill, we need to address the mental health service, it’s not the guns.

YES IT IS THE BLOODY GUNS!! and how easy it is for a mentally ill person to get hold of one.

There’s too many of them and they are way too easy to get hold of.
Apparantly there are 101 guns for every 100 Americans.
That’s more guns than people in America. WTF!!

I think P!nk summed up the situation perfectly in this Instagram.


And breath!!!
OK, I’ve said my piece on that one.
It’ll just be another rant that gets ignored and disappears into the ether.
No doubt, there will be another shooting before long and the whole debacle will start again.

OK, rant number two.

Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail is a biggot!!
Anyone who knows me, knows that biggots get right up my nose.

I follow 2 people on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black.

Gymnastics, swimming and diving have always been my favourite Olympic sports. Forget all the athletics. So the baby Tom Daley has been wonderful to watch as his career unfolds.

I love films and ‘Milk’ is an incredible film garnering a much deserved Oscar for writer Dustin Lance Black.

Over the last couple of years, their Tweets and Instagrams and Youtube collaborations regularly bring a smile to my face. They have hundreds of thousands of devoted followers who were all ecstatic when they both announced that they were going to become parents by posting this on Valentines day.

Tom and Lance

Wonderful news.

Sadly, we still got people poo pooing all over it.
Most noticeably from Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail.
C’mon guys!! I thought we were past all this, especially in the press!!

Even though he tries to wriggle out of his biggotry by saying that ‘I supported civil partnerships long before it was fassionable’ Richard Littlejohn states in his article titled ‘Please don’t pretend two dads is the new normal’

That said, and despite the fact that countless single parents do a fantastic job, I still cling to the belief that children benefit most from being brought up by a man and a woman.

Which is precisely what worries me most about the Daley publicity stunt. Here we have two men drawing attention to the fact that ‘they’ are having a baby.

But where’s the mum, the possessor of the womb which features in this photograph? She appears to have been written out of the script entirely’

OK, this has me angry on several levels.

1 – All a child needs is a loving and stable family environment. It doesn’t matter whether they are brought up by a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman or just a single parent of either sex. As long as they are loved it doesn’t matter!

2 – It was not a publicity stunt! They were announcing their news to their fans. Something Richard Littlejohn obviously doesn’t know about.

3 – They haven’t announce who the Mum is because they are obviously trying to protect her privacy and health. The last thing the poor woman needs is to be pestered for the next nine months by paparazzi and press!!

He then goes on to state….

‘What I also find slightly disconcerting is that this story was reported virtually everywhere without so much as a raised eyebrow, as if it would be impolite even to ask any questions about the parentage’

Yes Richard, that’s exactly how it should be!!
It’s normal for a loving couple to announce their happy baby news.
I seriously hope this article comes back to bite you in the arse you pathetic man!!

It saddens me that we still have to put up with biggots.
I still have to bite my tongue, even with family members I’m sad to say, but I have seen huge changes in public opinions in my lifetime and I hold out much hope that all of this will become just plain old ‘normal’ in the future.
Hetero, gay, lesbian, bi, trans…whatever!! It’s what makes the world so colourful.


Flicking through the news today I discover the unexpected death of Johann Johannsson at just 48 years old.
Not a familiar name to most people, although they are probably familiar with his work, most notably, his work for the film ‘The Theory of Everything’.

I’ve written before about the importance of music in a film, particularly when I am writing about the ‘God’ of movie music himself, John Williams.

Johann Johannsson was just getting started.
‘Forces of Attraction’ from ‘The Theory of Everything’ is one of my favourite movie pieces EVER!
His work on this film garnered him a Golden Globe win, and Oscar and BAFTA nominations.

‘Sicario’ got him Oscar and BAFTA nominations.

‘Arrival’ got him Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations.

He accumulated 12 award wins and 57 nominations for various awards throughout his career. Not bad for just 17 years of officially recognised work!

It’s heartbreaking to think about the music we will never get to hear this man create.
We will simply have to make do with what we have and it just isn’t enough!!


To say today has been a bit of a shock is an understatement. There could be some big changes on the horizon for the family as a whole.

Last November, Marji went to the Dr’s because she’s been feeling really tired all the time.
She was constantly in bed when she wasn’t at college or work and it was really getting her down.
The Dr sent her for blood tests and for whatever reason, we put them to the back of our minds. Being the time of year and the fact that Marji was feeling a little better we didn’t give the results another thought.

No news is good news right?

Anyway, Marji got a letter the day before yesterday asking her to make an appointment to see the Dr and this is where we got a little nervous, so she asked me to go along for moral support and at 08:30 this morning we had the appointment.

The reason we hadn’t heard anything about the results is because they were waiting for a coeliac screen result. Apparantly these normally only take a couple of weeks but they didn’t receive the report until the 30th of January!

A normal level is between 0 and 7 and Marji’s result was 125.
Not what we wanted to hear.

So what does this mean?

It means we still don’t know if she has coeliac disease or not but there is a possibility, so now she’s being referred to the Gastro team at the hospital because the only way to confirm a diagnosis is to have an endoscopy and have a sample of bowel lining taken for testing.

Poor Marji.
Hip Dysplasia, Freiburg’s Disease and now this!!

I could scream, I really could!!
I know this is going to sound really selfish but I really could have done without this, this year.

Anyway, for now, we carry on as normal with no changes to diet in anyway as it will be pointless doing the endoscopy.
If the diagnosis is confirmed, then a close look at EVERYTHING we buy is in order.
I can’t afford to be buying two seperate diets for the house so we will have to do our best and join Marji in the Gluten Free war.
Probably won’t hurt us in the long run anyway!!


So, I should technically be on placement today but I had arranged some annual leave before I was told that placements would be on Mondays as well as Tuesdays for a few weeks! So instead of losing it, I moved my placement to Wednesday. As long as I do the hours, it doesn’t matter when I do them.
It’s a fairly easy week anyway with just three early shifts. Two in placement and one on my own ward.

There’s only another three weeks to go before I have some more annual leave and I really can’t wait for that one.
Me and Ian are going to be spending 4 days in London and seeing Imagine Dragons at the O2. Excited is an understatement, although I’m not so sure Ian is looking forward to the show so much. Not really his cup of tea. Oh well, he can be my cameraman and get some pictures and video for me while I enjoy the show.

Speaking of Imagine Dragons, I’ve just watched the Mission: Impossible – Fallout Superbowl trailer and I have to say, I LOVE the use of Friction by Imagine Dragons and the way it’s been mixed with the Mission: Impossible theme!! Very clever.

We got another trailer release during the Superbowl last night too.
Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I have to say, my interest has piqued just a little.
I’ve been very dubious about this film from the start, from the announcement of Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo (Bad choice IMHO) right through to the last minute change in Director, which is also a bad Omen.

Anyway, judging by this teaser, the feel of the film is actually quite good. I love anything Imperial and the visual image of that Star Destroyed coming through what looks like a cloud/vortex is stunning!

Star Destroyer

I guess we’ll be finding out in May if it’s any good. I know that it’s not being well received by fans who are not happy about ‘anything’ these days tbh!

Anyway, back to today.
I think I’m going to get stuck back into my book. I started reading ‘Beautiful Boy’ yesterday and it’s really good. It really makes you think and you feel so sorry for the Dad who did everything right in his child’s life. Did everything he could to ‘prevent’ the events of the book but at the end of the day, it’s the child’s decision to do what they do.
I’ve only just got to Nic graduating from High School. I suspect the rest of the book will have me in pieces, especially as I have a clear image in my head of Timothee Chalamet playing the role in the soon to be released movie of the same name.

First, I have to do a quick trip to Tesco.
I don’t need much but it’s movie release day and I want to have a look at what’s out.

I’ve just done my morning troll through the internet with my cuppa and I just had to post this. have released a review of Peter Rabbit and although they don’t exactly pan the movie, they don’t really sing it’s praises either.

However, they do state the following…..

“The one shining aspect of the film is Gleeson. He basically plays Thomas McGregor like General Hux got a garden. His deadly serious tone and physical comedy are perfectly pitched, and he manages to walk the line between a guy who wants to murder our heroes (despite the rabbits not being particularly likable) and the love-interest for Bea. It’s an impressive turn in a movie that doesn’t really deserve his talents. While it’s no surprise that Gleeson is talented at comedy (he got his start on the Irish sketch comedy series Your Bad Self), the movie is at its best when the focus is on McGregor rather than Peter”

YES!! General Hux with a garden!!
General Hux Garden


OK, so here’s a bit of a gush before I get cracking on….. I can’t decide.
It’s either a book.
Some new sheet music.
Or I get my old sketchpad out.

Anyway, I’m getting a little bit excited for a movie due here in the UK on March 16th.
Frustratingly, it’s being release THIS week in the States!! NOT FAIR!!

Peter Rabbit!!

When I first heard about it I was more than a little dubious.
I’ve never been a huge Peter Rabbit fan growing up. I’d seen and read the books but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.
Then I found out that Domhnall Gleeson was playing Mr McGregor and all I could picture was this……

Mr Mcgregor

Until I saw a photo of Domhnall filming that looked like this!!!….



Funnily enough, my interest suddenly piqued.
Then the trailers started appearing and were followed by clips and interviews and now I wholehearted can’t wait to see this film.

Domhnall is at his best doing comedy anyway, but he’s never really had the chance to really show off his ‘physical’ comedy and that looks like what he’s been able to do with this film.

Here, have a couple of tasters.

Can I just say that his usually red hair (which I do love, I won’t deny it) dyed brown is actually a really sexy look on him!!



It’s been a while since I updated ‘me’.
I’m usually gushing about movies and actors and sometimes, life just gets forgotten about but I suppose that’s the purpose of a good movie or hobby.

Anyway, what’s been happening with me.
Work continues.
I’m still in the middle of consolidation from Uni but placements are still a weekly thing.
I’m starting to feel a little like a fifth wheel at work with my reduced hours because of Uni, I just don’t have the time to get stuck into things the way I used to.
It will be good to get back there full time. I just have to get this course finished and then apply for the position and hope I get it.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to getting back to Uni.
The last couple of months have been lovely with no worrying about essays and deadlines but as that time is running out, I can’t help but think about the really difficult year ahead and if I’m really ready to tackle it.
The project I have set myself to take into year two now seems a little too ambitious but if it works, it will make a big difference for our parents and carers on the Unit.
I have to learn paediatric phlebotomy. YIKES!!
I will be learning about medicines and administration.
I will have at least one presentation to do and I don’t know how many essays to write.
The more I think about it, the more I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.


At the back of my mind, on top of all the worrying about Uni is the ongoing struggle with my knee.
Long story short….. Unknown Baker Cysts erupted in my right knee two years ago this month. Had me off my feet for three months. Follow ups from Orthopaedics and Physiotherapists had me back up to about 90% but left me with residual cysts and a medial meniscul tear. Would never be 100% again.
Things have been going good but I have noticed some deterioration in the last 3-4 months so I decided to go see the GP.

Not good news.
I’m being sent to get an up to date MRI but apart from that there’s nothing to do except keep up with the physio and the exercise.
I have a degenerative condition and Ortho’s won’t do anything until I physically can’t bend my knee anymore or it locks!!
Oh yeah, if a cyst is going to burst, it will burst!!

Great! Not what I need this year.
I can’t afford to be off my feet for another three months. There’s just no way I would be able to catch up on three months of missed placements in my own time.
So fingers crossed.

I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a downer thinking about it all and haven’t done myself any favours with all the junk food and drinking I’ve managed to do for at least the last 8 weeks.
I’ve undone a lot of the good work I did getting ready for Italy in the summer so Monday will see the start of the long slog back to the summer me and hopefully take it a little further.
It’s going to be a little harder this time around though as I need to be careful with the knee. Going out and about marching for an hour everyday may be pushing it a bit far.

I’ve started reading!
I’ve never been a huge reader. Until recently with ‘Holding the Man by Timothy Conigrave’, the last time I picked up a novel was when I was pregnant with Murron 21 years ago.
Anyway, I have just read the novel ‘Call Me By Your Name’ by Andre Aciman, to see where this beautiful film came from and absolutely loved it.
I have a habit of reading novels ‘after’ seeing a film’

As I was doing a little research into the lead actor of ‘Call Me By Your Name’, Timothee Chalamet, I noticed one of his next movies was called ‘Beautiful Boy’ which chronicles meth addiction and recovery through the eyes of a father who watches his son as he struggles with the disease.

No prizes for guessing which part Timothee is playing. It’s going to kill me.

The film is currently in post production with no release dates yet so I decided to try the novel ‘before’ the movie for a change.
The only thing is, I discovered 2 novels!!
The Father’s novel ‘Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through his Son’s Addiction’ by David Scheff.
And the Son’s novel ‘Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines’ by Nic Scheff.

Two perspectives on the same story.
I’m actually really looking forward to reading them.

Anyway, that’s me at the moment.
Filled with anxiety about getting through this year…… or not as the case may be.
I want to see a new me by Xmas.
Physically and mentally.
I turn 50 next year and I want to be heading into that year with no worries or anxieties for a change.

Bring it on.